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The Soho Hotel: can a hip hotel ever be family-friendly?

I may have mentioned more than once that I used to be a Travel Editor. I may also have mentioned that my life is remarkably different now. Where once there were glamorous press trips, exotic adventures and nights in stunning hotels that were so amazing they made me cry tears of PURE JOY, there's now the school run, head lice and rainy Cornwall during the summer holidays. But, that's not to say that I've lost my love or appreciation of a wonderful hotel. Oh no, no, no, I might just appreciate them even more. But are the kind of hotels that I love (you know, luxurious, stylish, 100% grown-up great) compatible with the kind of people for whom Lego is more important than the way the bartender mixes the martinis? Thankfully, when it comes to London's Soho Hotel, the answer is YES. My children, somewhat horrifyingly appreciate a luxury hotel just as much as I do (to which, I simultaneously say Hurrah! and 'It's only downhill from here folks.') And when I took my six-year old on a trip to London to see Matilda and stay at The Soho Hotel, we discovered that not only is it great for grown-ups,…


Be better in bed: A nutritionist’s guide to getting good sleep

While I like to whack the likes of childbirth, colds, flu and various other ailments on the head with hardcore medicine, I do prefer the natural route when it comes to things like sleep. Unsurprisingly, Nutritional Therapist Jo Saunders, co-founder of Cooking Them Healthy, is also a fan of natural sleep solutions and has some great tips on how we all can help induce those much-wanted z's....…

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Sleep, anyone?

Hello, we’re Natasha and Alex and we are obsessed with sleep. Show us a mother of small (or smallish) children who isn’t. I’ve yet to meet one. In fact, I’ve discussed at both a school drop-off and pick-up this week. We just – literally – cannot get enough; even if you are blessed with good sleepers, somehow you’re always left wanting more. Which is why we’re dedicating this week to the pursuit of sleep.…

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How to think (wear, decorate with) pink

Pink is the new black. Honestly. It’s true. And not just any pink – bright pink for preference. (My five-year-old will be delighted….) I don’t need any convincing to add it to my home or my wardrobe (you are talking to the woman who once had a hot pink themed Christmas tree to celebrate the birth of a December baby girl), but the question is: can I convince you?…


5 great military coats

Want to know one of autumn's biggest - and shock horror - most wearable trends? The military coat...…

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How to…be an awesome aunt by Rosie Jones of Roses and the Stars

"Aunts aren't gentlemen!" proclaimed P.G.Wodehouse. No, they're much more fun that that. Aunt to 11 children, ranging in age from 2 months - 19 years, Rosie Jones, who has previously worked for Bonpoint and Trotters, is an expert in Aunt Amazingness. Over the years, she's bought so many gifts, that she's a master of the art of Excellent Present and has now set up a new online boutique Roses and The Stars offering a great range of gifts for kids and their mothers (always good to be in with the mother....) So, other than being great with gifts, what else does it take to be an Awesome Aunt? Over to Rosie...…