Five Ways to Dress like a French Woman

Well, bonjour there and welcome to a new week. Today we will mostly be considering this: how can lay our hands on some of that quintessentially, effortless French chic? Alex and I have been discussing this – whilst also pondering how to speed up the daily ‘what to wear’ debate and wishing to look perennially chic (rather than a slave to trends). Don’t ask much from our sartorial ensembles, do we?…


The September Agenda

Oh, but there’s a lot of sighing about the sudden end of the hot weather. Yes, the heatwave came to an abrupt end (apologies if you’re now thinking, ‘Err, heatwave? What heatwave?’), but let us embrace September. This autumn, you will mostly find us……


5 ways to stop kids cramping your style

I love my kids, but sheeeeez, my fashion sense has taken a nose dive since having them, although I guess that's what seven years spent in elasticated waists and maternity bras does to you. But, being back at work (I may be at home, but I AM AT WORK *she shouts loudly downstairs*) I can no longer live vicariously through Natasha's kick-ass dress sense, I have to find my own. So, with bump gone, two in school, one in nursery and one too small-to-object, I have devised five ways to regain my sense of style and no small person with chocolate-y hands is going to stop me....…

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Is 2017’s Colour of the Year the one for you?

I have no idea how trend-forecasters know these things, but know them they do, and thanks to the clever folk at Dulux, we now know that Denim Drift has been announced as 2017’s Colour of the Year. And it’s rather lovely, I must say. I know: I would say that as it has more than a hint of grey. But hark at that lovely smoky blue edge. Here are some blue hues you can get it into your home right now this minute, making you look so very previous. (Which is what some of the fashion team on the first magazine I ever worked on used to say when they meant ‘ahead of the curve’. At least, this is what I took it to mean…)…


5 great trans-seasonal dresses

It's hot! It's cold! It's muggy! It's chilly! It's early autumn, that's what it is. If you're finding dressing a bit err tricky at the moment, then we've got the perfect solution. The trans-seasonal dress....…


Win! An outfit from Olivier Baby & Kids

We've already told you how much we love Olivier Baby & Kids (and this great discount), so to celebrate their awesome new autumn/winter collection we have either a boy's, girl's or baby's outfit up for grabs...…