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20768a32e54427e4361b63e1d9f9c345Seriously, how cute is this hat? I bought one for my eldest son when he was wee and all three boys have now worn it. Out of all the things they’ve ever owned, it is definitely my favourite and probably the one thing I’ll never give away. Super-soft cashmere with cute little earflaps it’s perfect for small babies who won’t be able to pull it off and chuck it out of the buggy when you’re not looking. I don’t normally splash out when it comes to children’s clothes, but for this I made an exception. But, if you just don’t do cashmere for small people (and I get you on that one) then here’s an alternative…

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Cashmere fair isle bonnet, £46, Brora

And the non-cashmere alternative..

hmprod    HT_04_T72_3257Y_ZZ_X_EC_0

Hat, £2.50, H&M; Fair Isle hat, scarf and mittens, £12, M&S

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