3 Fashion Editor Tricks to Steal


You know that some women always look fabulous – without, it would seem, even trying? I have studied these creatures up close, first hand, every day for years. I can reveal two things: that not every single fashion editor you meet has a style you want to steal (not everyone wants to channel craziness, and that a lot of that great look involves how they wear their clothes. Here are three tricks you can totally steal…

1. The tuck [above]

The easiest way to get that chic nonchalance? Tuck in your shirt – but only in part. Try just the front, and leave the back free-flowing. Or one side and not the other (study the J.Crew catalogue for a masterclass). And, for winter, do it with your chunky jumper. They are everywhere this season, but you might miss a bit of waist definition. (Or, like me, you might be offered a seat on the tube. I like to think the gentleman in question was both polite and old school – and he was American. Or I looked pregnant.) So, simply tuck a little bit of your jumper in the front of your (high-waisted, if you have them) trousers. Add a belt, should you so wish. Done.

(I recently bought this jumper from Mango – which is ideal for tucking purposes.)

2. The coat worn as cape

f3d910af0e0953f6e2c0393780fcb164So simple I hesitate to mention it, but goodness me, it elevates an outfit. And it’s so. Flipping. Easy. If nothing else, it slightly alters the way you walk. More like a fashion ed, perhaps?

3. Push up your sleeves

fff7767bcfc5a078c9c40bc4948c53d7 Louche. Flattering. French. Do it with your blazer or jumper. Wear a great bracelet (or several). (Please also note that she is doing The Tuck.)

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