40% off at La Redoute


Anyone who follows our Instagram feed (@wearandwhere) will know that we are BIG fans of La Redoute rugs. Both of us have the Berber rug, which considering its size and quality is stupendously good value. It’s so marvellous, that I’ve actually just purchased another one and with 40% off currently on site, it really is the time to go La Redoute crazy. Here’s a very quick post on what I’m considering snapping up…


Sadly, the rug I originally bought is out of stock, but this is the similar one that I’ve just bought. I have high hopes..


If you’ve been hankering after a pair of Stan Smith’s, then this is your moment. 40% off people, 40% off! I’d go for red.


These kind of shirts look simple, but they are genius when layered under a knit. The collar will pep up any jumper.


I’m typing with a storm raging next to my window, so this navy parka looks very appealing.

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