5 of the best high-street sunglasses


The heatwave has spoken: summer is officially ON. It’s time to dig out the Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff, touch up that pedicure and reach for your sunnies….


Want to know what all the cool kids (and when I say cool kids, I do of course, mean grown ups with actual kids) are wearing? It’s pink. All the rage, don’t you know? This very flattering pair from good old Topshop is just the thing. £16


It’s a little known fact that M&S make excellent sunglasses. (And shoes, they used to make amazing shoes, but not for a while now. I live in hope they’ll be back….) These are also pink and somewhat roundish. Excellent work M&S. £15


Over pink? Then channel your inner Maverick with these Aviators from Accessorize. £12


This shape is a classic for a reason. As is the colour. At £8 there’s no reason not to even try them.

A little more expensive than you’d expect from H&M, but these polarised beauties come from their Premium Range. If you (like us) are digging pink, can rock a retro shape and love the two-tone, then these are the ones for you. £29.

Audrey Hepburn image: Popperfoto

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