5 easy style updates that don’t cost a penny

It’s that time of year when most people (well, me) are really bored of their wardrobes. Having spent the last five months in basically the same outfit on rotation with small variation (jeans, jumper and boots) I am craving warmer weather when my ankles can be permanently out, my summer bits and pieces can be unpacked and I can be coat and even jumper-free, hurrah! Until then, we’ve scoured Street Style snaps, fallen down an Instagram hole and experimented in our bedrooms to come up with these 5 easy style tweaks that not only will take you through to Spring Proper, but also don’t cost a penny….

Rolled up jeans and boots

So, you know that skinny jeans are out, yes? Well, maybe in fashion circles, but for those of us who have a wardrobe full of them and don’t live a life of Front Row shows, I think we’re ok to still wear them, but maybe keep an eye on a looser style for your next denim purchase. I for one, am feeling a lot less – ahem – compressed when sporting my Girlfriend or high-waisted mom jeans than I do my skinnies. But, how to make skinnies look fresh if you don’t want to buy anything new? The roll up jean. I’d been doing rolled up jeans and shoes for a while, but with boots? You may well have been doing this for years, but this has been something of a revelation for me and therefore feels fresh and new – even with a skinny! Whether you like a big roll or a small roll is up to you, but the small flash of ankle really works. And it’s for this reason that cropped or raw-hemmed jeans also look good. If you have an old pair of jeans that you’re considering binning, then try chopping off the ends and doing a DIY raw hem – it could give them a whole new lease of life.

The jumper tuck

This look is so fashion it should almost come with a health-warning, but it’s another one I love. Tucking the front of your jumper into your jeans or skirt can totally transform a piece of clothing. In fact, there are several jumpers I own that were about to be slung out, that I now like to wear again, simply by tucking them in. Go for a large loose shape for the ultimate Fash Pack look.

Button Up

Being something of an old rock chick, I’ve always like my shirts unbuttoned fairly low (the slattern!) but a fresher, less Kardashian way to wear them is buttoned up to the top. Forget any Gavin and Stacey connotations, this look is smart, simple and easy way to make a shirt feel new.

Layering statement collars and cuffs

Layering isn’t new, but layering over a statement shirt is. Add interest to a plain jumper by placing it over a shirt with a ruffle collar – even a normal collar buttoned up will do.

Messed-up hair

Big bouncy blow-drys are over (not that they were ever ‘in’ in my house, my hair would never behave that way). More natural looking hair (like Martha Ward and Camille Charriere’s above) is in. This doesn’t mean literally rolling out of bed and not doing a thing – oh no, that would be too easy. What it does mean is gentle tousled waves (easy to do with your old pair of straighteners), not brushing all day and untucked pony tails. No effort effort, if you know what I mean.

Shoulder Robing

This is pretty impractical, especially when it’s cold enough to actually need a coat, but oh does it look good! Going to Sainsbury’s with your coat over your shoulder isn’t going to happen, but for walking into a meeting, a lunch, posing for a picture – then do it. Although let’s face it – this is only good without small children or shopping in tow.

And, if you do all these already, then just flip it and do the opposite! After all, a change is as good as a new buy….

Images: sourced from Sezane for Madewell, pinterest, Donna Ida, Style du Monde, Me + Em, Polienne.

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