5 Essentials for Off-Duty Style

63fb4b8ca77350c96d340da2585163e9My life is divided into two halves: one half in which I drink coffee whilst it’s hot, read The Times on my ipad, talk to grown-ups all day and dress for myself; the other half is dedicated to spending time in parks/at playgroups/making gingerbread men/singing The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round ad infinitum if desired/pretending to be a cat or a ‘mummy monster’, and dressing, if not for my children, then in attire suitable for hanging out with them. But I still want to look stylish. Here’s what I wouldn’t be without…

  1. A cross body bag. (Hands-free = non-negotiable essential)
  2. Flat boots.
  3. A cosy jumper
  4. Statement watch.
  5. Trench coat.

Alex and I are both big fans of Village England’s Cranleigh – she travels lighter than I do, so has the mini, whilst I have this pop of red. But I also have my eye/heart set on the Cambridge Satchel Company’s cloud bag (£125). Such a brilliant brand – and such glorious bags.

I am definitely not one of those mamas who can run around in heels. (Wait, I’m not one of those women, full stop.) So a great pair of flat boots are an essential. I’ve been wearing these Florence boots (£165) by Seven Boot Lane almost constantly. Cosy, flat, stylish – and perfect with jeans. These will be glued to my feet ’til it warms up,

If you’re flinging on a jumper, you might as well make it a good one. I love a cable knit, JCrew’s Tippi and I’ve recently bought this cashmere sweater (£99.50) from Boden (it says red but I’d describe it as erring on the side of orange) – you can even chuck it in the machine (essential when you’re 18 month old insists on feeding himself – and merrily conducts his own singing with a loaded spoon). Size up unless you like a neat fit (I ended up going two sizes bigger than usual).

A watch is, I admit, not quite so obvious. I stopped wearing one for years, but since my mum bought me one, I’ve worn it every day. I like knowing what the time is without checking my phone (yep, I look at my phone too much) and, with two children to ferry around/one to get to school, I need to know now. I love Olivia Burton’s big dial tan watch (£80) – mine has actual numbers on it, so it’s also very handy for quick ‘telling the time’ sessions with five-year-olds. Chic without being ££ and it makes a statement when all you’re wearing is jeans, jumper, boots and a…

Trench. Tis the season to be showery, so this is a no-brainer. You’d be hard-pressed to go wrong with Gap’s Classic Trench is £69.95. I also like this from Banana Republic.

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Florence boots, £165, Seven Boot Lane; Trench coat, £69.95, Gap

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Big dial watch, £80, Asos; Cloud bag, £125, The Cambridge Satchel Company

Image death by elocution via Pinterest



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  • Reply
    April 27, 2016 at 7:09 am

    Where is the trench in the main photo from? It’s a great colour- way nicer than the bland beige of most trenches.

    • Reply
      April 28, 2016 at 2:16 pm

      Oh Emma, it’ so annoying when this happens – that’s a shot from Pinterest. However, the Gap trench is actually darker than one would expect (I have it). Asos have a darker Monki trench which looks pretty cool, or I saw some in the good ship Zara which err on the darker side. Natasha x

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