5 great military coats


Want to know one of autumn’s biggest – and shock horror – most wearable trends? The military coat…


Whilst my heart says Burberry, my wallet says, “think again, Love” and so I am looking to the high street or online, where La Redoute is doing a nice line in military-style coats and jackets. I rather like this one above, which comes in navy and black. I also like the grey coat (pictured at the top) from Monsoon, which is having a brilliant season (just check out our dream blouse).


Admittedly, this is a jacket rather than a coat from Zara, but ticking both the ‘velvet’ and the ‘military’ boxes, it is definitely worth a mention.


I haven’t seen it In Real Life, so obviously, quality could be an issue, but next time you’re near a Mango, check out this little navy and red beauty…And a little more expensive, but good quality, this khaki green Hobbs coat is a classic.

p.s. forgive the brevity of this post, I am KNACKERED and the children are driving me MAD! *idly daydreams about jetting off on a solo gap year…”

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