5 things I’ve learned about parenting by Myleene Klass

Myleene-Klass-Mothercare-221832As one of our most popular series, ‘5 things I’ve learned about parenting’, always offers an interesting insight into how other parents tackle the challenges, highs and lows of motherhood. And so, we were thrilled when musician, presenter, designer of the Baby K range for Mothercare and mum to two girls (Ava,8 and Hero, 4), Myleene Klass agreed to talk to us. From the realisation that she’ll never have a lie-in again to living in the ‘now’, Myleene talks us through the five things she’s learned about being a parent…

1. I’ve discovered the A team have nothing on me when it comes to being creative. Armed with the bare minimum of tools and barely a minutes notice, I am BA Baracus!  All I need is my trusty glue gun and some broken costume jewellery and I can make pretty much anything, last minute, for any play. This includes ornate Easter bonnets, Viking helmets, King Tuts death mask and Queen Nefertiti’s crown. I can also carve Dolphins and cats into pumpkins with a tiny file and make fairy houses for Twinkle the tooth fairy all at midnight.

2. I will never know a lie in again. I remember when I was little going to see the care bears movie with my family and my mum sleeping all the way through it. I was thoroughly gutted she’d missed the ‘care bare stare’. Now I find it a miracle my mum had enough energy to even make it through the adverts! Like every mum I know, I don’t sleep very much at all and I survive and rely on copious amounts of coffee. I genuinely don’t know what I used to spend all my time doing before I had babies as now there never seems a second spare and sleep is the biggest luxury I have when I ever get it!

3. I’ve learned I’m fearless. I used to be frightened of my own shadow but now, I feel like a combo of Mother Earth and a ninja!

4. I’ve learned to live in the ‘now’. Before having my girls, I spent a lot of my time planning my life away. What I’d do in the future, what I’d do at the weekend… Having children makes you live in the immediate. Children, having no concept of time don’t know how to wait and it’s so refreshing. Their needs are instant, ‘I’m cold, I’m tired, I’m hungry’, it’s all about living in the now and appreciating where you are at this exact time in life. It’s one of the best lessons I’ve learned from my babies.

5. I will never know what it feels like to not worry ever again! That carefree peace of mind I used to have when I was younger is now filled, every single minute of every day with me thinking of my girls and worrying if they are happy, healthy, safe and well. My mum tells me it only gets worse as they get older and learn to take the bus to school or cross the road or drive!

Myleene’s new spring Baby K collection for Mothercare launches soon!

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