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5 Things I’ve Learned About Parenting: Marina Sevier of Marloe London


Alex and I are all too conscious that the relationship between ‘baby essentials’ and ‘style’ is a tenuous one. I remember dispatching my mum to buy emergency ‘tiny baby’ babygrows for my little girl and she came back marveling that it still held fast that pink was for girls and blue for boys – and that the cutesy factor was off the scale. Imagine a world where baby essentials were all gorgeous, utterly covetable – and useful long after your babies have grown.

Welcome, then, with open arms, Marloe London, set up by new mamas Marina Sevier and Chloe Riddell. Yearning after something more sophisticated, they’ve produced the softest bamboo and organic cotton muslins in ice cream shades (I have my eye on the ombre dip-dyed ones). They can be draped over prams (or indeed chairs and sofas), used as picnic rugs, a swaddle, as a stylish means of breastfeeding modesty, even draped around your neck as a scarf. Because something you use every single day for months (even years) should be as stylish as possible.

We love them. And we’re delighted that Marina (mama to Uma, 2, and Leo, 5 months) has agreed to share her 5 Things… with us.


1. All mothers are amazing whether they are working full time, part time or staying at home to look after their kids. Motherhood is hard enough without letting yourself feel guilt about not spending enough time with your kids or on your career.

2. There is no room for complacency or smugness. It always comes back to bite you. The moment I’ve shared a triumph about my baby sleeping through the night, he then wakes up. If I’ve claimed that my toddler is a good eater, she’ll inevitably refuse to eat her favorite food on a play date.

3. Trusting in my own intuition. For all the brilliant and not so brilliant advice given by friends, family, and even strangers, I’ve come to learn that no one knows my children better than I do, no one has all the answers and no two children are the same.

4. The art of distraction. It is amazing how bouts of frustration, tears and even the biggest toddler tantrum can be completely diffused by turning their attention towards something as trivial as a leaf or the sighting of a red bus. The art is in the vocal theatrics – I have perfected the exclamation of excitement over spotting the most mundane objects.

5. Tomorrow is always a new start. Children live exclusively in the present. It just doesn’t matter what happened yesterday or what is happening tomorrow. After a tricky day, there is never baggage into the next.

(or perhaps it should be Keeping supplies up. As a mother, I realise you can never have enough nappies, milk, patience or sleep!)

Marloe muslins from £49. Bespoke muslins are available (what a gorgeous present that would be). Follow them @marloe_london on Instagram; @MarloeLondon on Twitter.


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