6 easy ways to make your weekend even better

In theory the weekend is when you should switch off, recharge and have an amazing time. In practice, it’s not always this away. So, we think it’s time to reclaim the weekend and start really enjoying it again (even if you have kids waking you up at an ungodly hour). Here are 5 easy ways to do it…

  1. Think it’s going to be good

I read something once¬†that said you should always start your day thinking ‘this is going to be a good day’. By starting out with a positive mindset, ‘this weekend is going to be great!’ you are more likely to have a good weekend than if you fall out of bed in a grump thinking ‘I’m so tired, this weekend is rubbish’. Even if you don’t fall out of bed thinking that, try being really positive. At the very least, it’s not going to harm you.

2. Switch Off

And by switch off, I mean your email, your mobile, your social media. Quite probably not for all the time, but for part of it. I’ve spent too many weekends working or spending time checking emails, so if you can, try not to do it. And by switching off from Instagram/Twitter/Facebook for the weekend (or at least one day of it) you’ll spend time in the moment and hopefully enjoying the moment – instead of enjoying or envying other people’s moments. BUT, if the only way for you to enjoy the weekend is to do that hour of work, then do it early and get it done, so you can move on and forget about it.

3. Do something for yourself

With all that free time you have not checking your email, you’ll be able to find a small window to do something completely, indulgently, totally for yourself. Whether this is a cup of coffee whilst reading the Saturday Times (my favourite of all newspapers/magazines), going for a run, having an afternoon bath, meeting a friend, giving yourself a home pedicure, even pulling out your spring wardrobe, do something just for you.

4. Plan something fun

It doesn’t have to be a big plan. We’re not talking a night in Paris. But, plan something out of the ordinary with your friends, family, partner or yourself. Jump in the car and go to the coast for the day (a blusty wintery walk followed by a drink, we say yes!), jump on the tube and go to a museum, go to a cafe for breakfast, a walk along the river or in your nearest National Trust park – just something a little bit different will make your weekend feel great.

5. Have a kitchen disco or a Living Room screening

If you are trying to keep January low-key and aren’t going out, then bring the party home. If Dry January makes you shudder, then throw a kitchen disco complete with music, heels and drinks. It might just be you and your 4-year old, but often these ones are the best! If lying down is your idea of fun, then don’t just slump in front of Shine (although I am actually quite enjoying it), dim the lights, set yourself up with rugs and cushions and brilliant snacks and watch a movie – or a box set. Haven’t seen Stranger Things or The Crown yet? DO IT!

6. Forget about The Rules

Whether these are your dietary guidelines, your kids’ ‘things to do’ or housework, just let them slide for a day or two. Weekends should be different from weekdays, so you can ease up and relax more. If you feel you have to do children’s reading at the weekend, then do it in the morning, so you don’t have that awful Sunday evening battle ahead of you. And if you’re the type of person who feels they must always ‘do’ something, then change that. Try doing nothing – perhaps sneaking off for an afternoon nap or read of a book. Shaking things up is the way to make a weekend feel different and that’s a good thing.

We’d love to know how you make your weekends feel good. If you feel like sharing, please tell us in the comments below! Have a great weekend whatever you do. Love Alex & Natasha xx

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