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An homage to Storage

I am pretty sure it started right here…


The second shelf. The one with the beautifully co-ordinated glass jars holding art paraphernalia. Yes, that one. I want my home organisation to look like this. I am fairly (some – i.e. my husband – might say overly, but he would be wrong. I am merely stemming the tide of his inherent predilection for mess creation) tidy, but I am not organised. I stuff things in drawers. I do not file. I want to Take Control of this. And here’s where I start.


I love an open shelf arrangement. We had one in our last house – and it was surprisingly easy to maintain. (The key was having a colour palette e.g. all-white mismatched crockery; blue and white; brights, you get the gist



If you are going to have everything on show, you might as well make it beautiful as well as useful (William Morris would be thrilled.)1a18ef40a74f1034f0551fd466ac8fbc

 Large kitchen cabinet, £555, Ella’s Kitchen Company 

(There’s a smaller one for more petite kitchens – this wonderful company will paint it to order in one of their tastefully delightful shades.)

Alternatively, this is quite the most stylish way to store herbs and spices I can possibly imagine.KitchenKandy41_EL_22mar12_pr_bChalkboard spice jar, £8, Anthropologie


Let’s face it, we all have stuff. Some of us have more of it than others (unless you live a zero waste, no excess life). And if you are not able to have battalions of storage built in, then you have to be clever about it. Make said stuff into objets d’art or, if they are functional rather than stylish, invest in matching baskets and boxes. Bespoke (or, indeed, Ikea or the like) storage is all about hiding the not-so-aesthetically-pleasing, whilst letting your prized possessions sing, I could write two whole posts about bookshelves and storing children’s paraphernalia (which I will) but try these to be going on with…f5dfac9e9873ab3dc1a2be82d4c40bf4 51b6cdd274c5b622b2001ff1._w.1000._h.1000._s.fit746f16a5339027f13dd95ffb03f83939


I have a brilliant storage cabinet – repurposed from one of those old school hotel reception room key cabinets. We use it for post, C’s little shoes, keys, batteries, the tape measure. Bought on total impulse (and the very devil to hang – thanks to my Wonder Dad these things are possible), it has been the best buy. This is a similar idea, used to both decorative and useful effect:


You could get the same effect using old crates, were you so handily minded.


Simple block storage is brilliant for children’s rooms (or living rooms, depending upon how you accessorise them). You can pick up something very similar to the following at Ikea.

183c232a072ccd781aa2036cb7205195 c2acc2535a961ca01c14069a2dfa50cdThe Expedit cabinet is very similar (and very cheap). And the above is the Bekvam spice rack (£3) painted grey. It’s so simple and so clever, I want to copy it right this minute.

If I had room in my home, I would hunt me down an old armoire, paint it grey and repurpose it for china, toys, a wardrobe for my little girl.



Contain, control, contain

You know. Baskets. Boxes. Something near the front door which you can use to organise the post. Somewhere for the recycling. This is where you want to head to The Holding Company, who have more storage solutions than I have time to detail. I am a great fan of baskets – be they basket bags picked up on holiday in France or Laura Ashley. Here’s just a handful of ideas to start you off.

pf_LET028-1 pf_BOX360_2








Sverker A3 letterbox, £14; Ulrika document box, now £8, both The Holding Company


pf_ELF208 pf_WAL007








Elfa kitchen solution, £320Tall wall unit, £109


eb68c1e37c9901b880d31ba32eb80b3c-2 2ae3ce2bf63b9ab709a720a28c300923-1






Willow under-bed storage, £85; Set of two oval Kuba baskets, £70, both Laura Ashley

We have two of these for chucking toys in at the end of the day. I think I might need a third.

230269_R_Z001 normal_SPR12-004-i








Lana basket, £12.99, Homebase; Personalised storage tub, £18, The Alphabet Gift Shop at Not on the High Street

Just about the only issue I now have to tackle is: where does a girl find storage jars with coloured lids? Answers on a Tweet please @WearandWhereUK.

Images: Courtney Apple for Design Sponge, Finsahome, Pinterest, Home Improvement Ideas, Nutmeg and Company, Apartment Therapy, Pinterest, Pinterest, Young House Love, April and May StudioPotentially Beautiful, Milk Magazine


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