An ode to the Breton

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Have you gathered that I am obsessed with Breton striped tops? I have more than I like to count. I have bejewelled versions (J.Crew sale), red and white striped variations (Petit Bateau), variations on the classic theme (Uniqlo, Gap and the like). The other day I dressed both myself and my three-year-old in skinny cropped jeans and navy and white striped jumpers. Some might say I am out of control. Moreover, one of the fashion girls at work referred to my beloved stripes (not that I was wearing them at the time, she is far too charming for that) as “the boring old Breton”. I beg to differ.

Yep, jeans, stripes and ballet flats/Converse might be a bit of an off-duty mum uniform where I live (sidenote: is this just a London thing? I know plenty of girls who live outside/have fled the capital who a. always rock an excellent look and b. are partial to a spot of Bretonage), but this does not mean I am prepared to give mine up any time soon. I mean, if if works for Audrey…

c28d330aa10351eb0bf07a813014cf91 8fdd22d8f2cbea7ff3ce5c7981f87a6f-1Here’s my current pick of the crop…

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From l to r: Breton, £58, Petit Bateau; Button shoulder stripe Breton, £60, Jaeger; Catherine dress, £45, Hush; Long sleeve Breton, £25, Boden (also available in yellow, red, bright blue and pink).

If you’re after colour, try this one from The Outnet’s own label Iris & Ink.

Obviously, the joy of the Breton lies in throwing it on and looking effortlessly chic (we hope), but they also look good with a little bit of dress-you-up tweaking. Add a statement necklace, or layer several fine chains; throw over a bright jacket – or a bright bag; add a bit of sparkle for evening; wear with a leather skirt (skater style, midi length for preference). The permutations are endless. Boring? Over? I think not…

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    February 26, 2014 at 10:10 pm

    Oh my Love all your images here, G O R G E O U S. Oh yes I am a fellow Breton lover or addict !

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