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Heads Up: The interiors trend you’re going to love


From children’s bedrooms to the most stylish of hallways, living rooms and kitchens, animal heads are the hottest new accessory to be hanging on your wall. Of course, we’re not talking actual animal heads. Anyone who’d contemplate hanging up a real giraffe or elephant’s head is a serious four-letter-word in my book. Oh no, we mean the faux, kitsch kind of animal head. We’re talking zebras with rainbow manes, tigers and unicorns. And who wouldn’t want a unicorn to greet you in the morning?


Based in Wales (and who doesn’t love Wales at the moment?) Broken Hare are faux taxidermy specialists who are, basically, pretty darn amazing. Their selection of incredibly realistic heads will blow your mind, although it’s their beautiful white unicorns (first spotted on the Pink House) that I particularly love. All heads are handmade to order and take 3-4 weeks to complete. Unicorn £495


And, if we’re on the subject of unicorns, who wouldn’t want a white one with a glittery gold horn on their wall? Available from White Faux Taxidermy for US$90. Also available in a whole rainbow of colours from pink to black to gold….


Fiona Walker is the Queen of beautiful felt animal heads. This giraffe, this gorgeous flamingo and this elephant (among lots of others) would look amazing in a child’s bedroom.


One of our favourite high street retailers, Anthropologie has got in on the act with a selection of zebra, giraffe and rhino heads made from papier mache for sale.


Currently on sale at £14, these mounted felt heads from Graham & Green may be small, but they’re very sweet…


Finally, if you’re into that minimal, forest, Scandi-chic type vibe, then these wooden heads from Cult Furniture (some on sale) might make a rather nice addition to your home.

Unicorn image taken at the Chateau de la Goujeonnerie: World of Interiors/Conde Nast

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