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Baby boom (part two)

Last week we wrote about the best presents to give a new baby. Not of course, that a new baby is actually interested in presents. All they want is milk and a cuddle, but still, you can hardly turn up to meet a new little person armed with nothing. And, more importantly, the mother deserves a present. A HUGE present (although yes, the argument could be made that she doesn’t need anything as her baby is the best present of all…) She’s had to suffer the stresses and strains of pregnancy for a full nine months. And the indignity of childbirth. And breastfeeding. And if she’s a first-timer she will probably be in a profound state of shock. So, we dedicate this post to new mums, because really they’re the ones whose poor knackered bodies and sleep-deprived brains need the presents.


The Food Stork

Such a brilliant idea. The last thing new parents want to do is cook, so send them a gift box filled with meals for two. Using only the freshest, most seasonal food, Food Stork’s genius chef Fleur Sladen has created dishes that not only taste delicious, but have been designed to provide new mothers with the essential nutrients needed to replenish the body after childbirth. You can not imagine the excitement last year when the doorbell rang and I opened it to find a smiling lady with a Food Stork package delivered for me. Just the most perfect, thoughtful gift I could imagine. From £45


Neom Cocooning candle

I love candles. Everyone I know loves candles. They can transform a plain old room into a fragrant smelling oasis. Natasha used to work with Nicola Elliott, the super-stylish founder of NEOM Luxury Organics and is forever raving about her Cocooning candle. Not only is it made from vegetable wax and pure essential oils (rather than the synthetic products that many candles are made from), but it also works as a holistic treatment. And, most importantly, it smells divine. £39.50


Gower Cottage Brownies

We were sent these last year when my son was born, so I can personally vouch to their deliciousness. Order a box for the new parents and then a box for yourself. And then gorge yourself stupid. Order by 10am and they’ll guarantee next day delivery. From £16.99 for a box of 12.



My lovely friend Sarah arrived last year with a present for my son (a lovely striped cardigan) and a bottle of wine and magazines for me. There’s nothing more I like doing than reading magazines and drinking wine, so she really hit the present jackpot.


Beauty Products

Oh joy. You can, after nine months, once again sink into a far-too-hot bath and boil yourself stupid. So, why not throw in some delicious non-preggers friendly bath oils for good measure? Add some wonderful body cream and you have a brilliant present for mums. Miniature Bath & Shower Oil collection, £30, Aromatherapy Associates.


Night Nanny

This one is for our most generous readers. Newborns don’t sleep very well. Some don’t sleep at all. Some mums want to do it all themselves. Some desperately want help. There is no right or wrong to how you handle the first few months of parenthood. If you know someone is finding it hard. If you know they’re the type of person who won’t mind a friendly stranger in their house, then you could book a night nanny. Highly trained, excellently recommended, these angels will swoop into your house and look after your baby whilst you catch up on much-needed sleep. Suss the situation out first (it’s obviously a delicate subject), but it could be a godsend. From £100 a night.

IMAGES: Food Stork, Neom Organics, Gower Cottage, Oyster Bay, Aromatherapy Associates, The Daily Telegraph.

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