An Ode To Cardigans: Secret Style Hero

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I am a late adopter in the matter of cardigans – shades of schooldays, perhaps? I always felt a bit frumpy in them. Now? I can’t get enough.

Take your average pretty frock or skirt. Without a cardi, you’re a woman in a dress, who probably likes said dress but might be a little self-conscious (am I too dressed up? Do I look like I’m trying too hard?) But add a cardigan and, voila, you’re about 50% more casual. Belt the cardigan and add some boots, and you’re 25% smarter, but not so smart you feel like you ought to be on a hot date rather than, say, the school run.

I also love a cardigan over jeans and a tee. (This is a favoured look of Alex’s.) On a warm day, you’re now good to go, with zero additional effort. When it’s chilly (i.e. now) you have an extra insulating layer.

It’s not just a matter of style. A cardigan is a comfort. You can wrap it around yourself. Seriously, how many other items of clothing give you a hug? When I’m working from home, I love pulling one on as I sit at my desk. It also has the bonus of prolonging the moment when you have to switch on the heating, because I suffer from that weird malady of feeling guilty about having the heating on when it’s only me in the house.

You just have to find your type. Long? Chunky? Cosy? Boyfriend is an easy in – try Next for an affordable entree – it is a rich source of cardigans. You could try the yellow version of this grey one (yellow is going to be a thing this year – and is a natural friend to denim or navy.) If you’re keen on the cosy factor, try this one from Chicwish. (If you’ve noticed this brand floating around on Instagram and wondered, I can confirm delivery was pretty swift and the cardigan was highly pleasing.) For those who want to pretend to be gamine and French (I am neither, but a woman can but dream) try this one. Really – there’s a cardigan for pretty much every woman you want to be. (Sartorially speaking. They’re cardigans, not role models.)

Next cardigan La Redoute dress M&S boots Next cardigan La Redoute dress M&S boots Next cardigan La Redoute dress M&S boots Next cardigan La Redoute dress M&S boots

Cardigan, £28, Next; Midi dress, £17.10 (was £57!), La Redoute (also available in black) Boots, M&S (last season); Belt, Gap (old, this is similar)

What’s Your Type?

Boyfriend? Cosy? Long-line? Neat? Try these for starters…

1.Boyfriend: pink cardigan, £79, Arket; 2. Cable: grey ribbed, £49.99, Next; 3. Cosy: hot pink cardigan, £130, Gestuz at Studio B; 4. Neat-but-French-ergo-sexy: €95, Sezane; 5. Chunky: cream Knit Your Love, £55.92, Chicwish; 6. Neat: Orange crew neck, £55, Boden; 7. Long: navy, £130, American Vintage at Iris



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