Blue Monday: 10 Reasons to be Cheerful (for under £30)

So, this Blue Monday business, eh? How are you feeling? Anything you’d like to share with the group? Our heads are tilted to the side, entering sympathetic mode. And our site offers you 10 ways to feel a little more cheerful – for under £30 a pop. I shall not bore you with the details of the string of things which went awry this weekend, suffice to say that even if this the bluest Monday that ever there was, I am convinced that things can only get better. Especially if I pop at least one of these in my virtual shopping basket. What can I say? I am easily cheered.

1.Breton, £28, Boden

I love a box fresh Breton. Let us disregard those you might you already own.

2. Notebooks, £10, Kikki K

Kikki K is a one-woman force for positivity. Her latest theme is ‘Energise Your Life’. I am pretty convinced this pretty trio of notebooks would energise my desk – and that’s a good starting point, right?

3. Strappy leather sandals, £17.99, H&M 

Okay, bear with me. I know you won’t be wearing these tomorrow, next week or even next month. BUT how good will they look this summer with bare legs and a little white dress? That thought alone cheers me up.

4. Hanging pearl earrings, £27 , & Other Stories

Why, hello there perfect statement earrings. Please come and bedeck my ears and zhuzh even the most simple sweater I might choose to wear.

5. Mini pom pom  basket, £22, Not on the High Street 

I’m sorry, but how cute? I can’t get enough of pom poms or baskets and this niftily combines the two. Use it as the prettiest storage solution. It’s the kind of thing I’d buy for my daughter’s bedroom…and keep for my own.

6. Velvet tassel cushion, £19.50, M&S

Three words: velvet, tassel and cushion. Add pink and you have yourself four reasons to be cheerful.

7. Letterbox flowers, from £22, Bloom & Wild

I might already have [pause to count] seven vases of flowers (mostly tulips) in the house but if ONLY these could pop through my letterbox, I’d be a happy woman.

8. Happiness candle, £30, Neom Organics

Who said you can’t buy happiness? With neroli (the scent of summer, surely?), zingy lemon and mimosa, surely this candle has to be in with a chance of lifting your mood? I don’t know about the science of scent (except that it’s a potent one), but I do know that  I have this candle and it smells incredible.

9. Antibes bell sleeved blouse, now £25, Hush

Now that’s what a call a sale discount. This top will work beautifully into Spring (when it deigns to arrive). Florals are still big news. Statement Sleeves are A Good Thing, It’s an all-round winner.

10. Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day by Winifred Watson, Persephone Books

Bertolt Brecht once wrote: ‘There must be happy endings. Must, must, must.’ Which was, if you think about it, a bit ripe, considering that he isn’t exactly renowned for his cheerful plot lines. (I was in an overly-ambitious school production of The Good Person of Sichuan. It’s a vale of tears and the ending is the precise antithesis of Brecht’s own theory.) However, this book has the happy ending factor in spades. It is life affirming in novel form. It’s a delicious, witty, joyous morsel of a book and I urge you to read it immediately. even if you have already done so. Go and get your copy off the shelf and laugh in the face of Blue Monday.

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