Boden: Top 5 Sale Hits


I’ll be honest, with my penchant for a floaty white summer frock with an Isabel Marant Etoile vibe, I wasn’t expecting to find one of my favourite summer dresses at Boden. But I love this dress. I wore it this week (here) when it was about a gazillion degrees (or thereabout) in London, and felt more South of France than West of London. And it’s on sale. Yep, the Boden sale has dropped and it is what my friend Sarah once referred to as “a real sale” i.e. one with proper discounts. Not £5 off. We’ve combed through and come up with a mini edit of pieces which will last way beyond the heatwave.

(Word to the wise: the Sandra dress [above] more french navy than it appears – a good thing in my opinion; the straps are detachable; you might have to play around to get the right size, and you’ll either love or loathe the full skirt (I am firmly on the love side). That said, it has a bit of Bardot about it, now costs from £44.50 (was £89) and could easily take you up town as well as on holiday. I love it – and if the retro stripe version was available in my size, I’d be very tempted.

15WSPR_WS044_DBLBoyleg swimsuit – now £35.40 (was £59)

I have waxed lyrical about my new-found love for swimsuits – and this is an excellent specimen. Love the halterneck, vintage cut (very Taylor Swift), and the fact that there is zero risk of your bottom eating it (readjusting one’s swimsuit on the beach does not feature highly on the list of elegant how-to’s).


Lille lace-up point, £53.40 (was £89)

Obviously, Alex and I both love the navy (which are now the very precise price of £62.30). But there is something joyous about the jaffa orange. Think how much they would cheer up your feet and your look when the days of summer start to fade. I love the idea of wearing them with rolled up jeans and a navy cashmere jumper.


Madeline dress, now from £27.50 (was from £55)

Quite frankly, I am baffled that this is still available in every size. Okay, so it’s in the Johnnie B section, which you would not usually frequent unless you have the relevantly aged child to dress. Because of which it hasn’t been styled to the hilt, so it’s not shown to it’s best advantage. But it’s a great dress. Flattering, comfortable, summery, white, casual (tan sandals), smart (metallic strappy sandals). Do not be put off by the sizing – you do not need to be aged 16 to wear it – the sizing is extremely generous. Please take my word for it that the photo does not do it justice; underestimate this dress at your peril. (See also this one.) I will wear it this week and endeavour to take a snap for Instagram.


Alexandra top, now from £29.40 (was £49)

I show you this picture so you can appreciate the level of detail in this top (which is also available in grey). I adore the fabric – so fresh and summery. It’s the perfect holiday top (for now) and will look adorable with jeans later.


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