#WW Reads: A book review of Lie with Me by Sabine Durrant

As I’m writing this on Thursday night, I have no idea what the weather will bring tomorrow, but wasn’t today GLORIOUS? The sunshine! The warmth! The light! I love this time of year…And, I loved ‘Lie with Me’, a brilliant psychological thriller by Sabine Durrant. If you’re looking for a page-turner with a sun-drenched summer feel, then read on….

I have long wanted to write a book, and have in fact, made starts and even a middle to quite a few. But, that sadly, is as far as it’s got. If I were to successfully write aforementioned book, then I’d want it to be just as good as Sabine Durrant’s psychological thriller Lie With Me. Drumroll…the latest choice.

Such a delicious cover and such a deliciously gripping story. The anti-hero Paul – a once-successful, good-looking and charming novelist who is past his prime – is much like Patricia Highsmith’s brilliant Tom Ripley, someone who has built his life on lies and is utterly bereft of a moral compass, but also charming, fascinating and completely engaging. Having bumped into an old university acquaintance, Paul is drawn into a monied world he rather likes, and introduced to Alice, a successful lawyer, widow and mother to three teenagers. Having scored an invite on a family holiday to her Greek villa, Paul finds himself back on Pyros where 10 years previously he drunkenly disgraced himself on the night that Jasmine, a 14-year old English girl mysteriously disappeared. A decade on, Alice’s villa is due to be demolished, the search for Jasmine is ongoing and all is not quite what it seems. When another young girl is raped, attention turns to the holidaymakers and Paul’s lies begin to unravel. Although maybe, he’s not the only one with secrets to hide. Durrant writes beautifully – I could practically hear the sound of cicadas and feel the heat rising from the pages – and brilliantly captures the arrogance and idiosyncrasies of Paul’s middle-class, monied crowd. An easy-to-read page-turner (and I mean that in the best possible Gone Girl type way), I loved it. And, if you like psychological thrillers, you will too….

Have you read Lie with me? If so, what did you think? Also, keep an eye out for next week on W&W as we are going all out for Spring with a week dedicated to Spring style. What to wear, how to wear it and where to buy it – we are embracing this new season with gusto! Have a great weekend everyone xx


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