Building a Perfect Wardrobe with Iris

What’s the secret to building the perfect wardrobe?

You know, one that you don’t stand in front of, wondering why you have nothing to wear, despite owning an abundance of clothes, as *may* have happened once or twice to someone we know.

I have – like a sartorial Socrates – given this matter some consideration, and I think the resolution to the dilemma lies in culling the wardrobe excess; putting you high street impulse purchases on a tight rein (i can’t be the only one who’s a post office returns regular); instead buying a few well-chosen pieces which elevate the rest of your wardrobe. (Okay, this is not Socratic in any way, but I like the alliteration.) They become the building blocks of your style; the foundations on which your wardrobe is built.

If you’re anything like as time-pressed as we are, what you need here is someone who has done the hard work for you. Or rather, a shop. Iris is one of my local boutiques (there are 8 dotted around London) – and I love it. It’s as though they have sifted through all my favourite brands, put a pin in all the best pieces, and gathered them under one roof. Their edit is unerringly chic and dangerously tempting; so much so, the only thing that can go awry is your credit card bill.

Increasingly, I have made a beeline for their own brand, By Iris. What started as a collection of brilliant basics (crew neck tees with just the right amount of slouch and length; Breton-striped tops of the perfect cotton thickness; luxe loungewear) has evolved into a seasonal collection of highly covetable pieces. It’s designed reactively – based upon what Annie and Sarah (Iris’ founders) have learned about what their customer needs, and how she dresses. And it shows. The collection ticks almost all your wardrobe boxes; it’s little bit boho (as in Isabel Marant rather than joss-sticks-and-chanting (no offence to fans of chanting/joss sticks); sexy in a subtle, French way; and not crazily priced. (Because whilst we are willing to spend more on our wardrobe as we, ahem, get a little older, we’re not made of money.)

Alex wears: Ivero dress; Natasha wear: Igloo top and Ica peasant skirt

Take our outfits here: if you wanted to check off your wardrobe must-haves, the Ivero dress takes you from drinks to party via summer wedding or a cosy dinner with girlfriends. The blue patterned skirt and top is available as a dress, but I love mileage you get from separates (we’re all for smarter shopping). I’m thinking holiday, school run, work, appointments, weekends. I’m also converted to the joys of a maxi skirt – this lurex striped one has just the right amount of swish to it and works just as well with a tee as it does all dressed up with somewhere to go.

Natasha wears Jadie skirt; Alex wears Janie top

Essentially, these are the pieces which will form a respectable backbone of your wardrobe. Which should (in theory) making getting dressed a whole lot easier. And if doesn’t? Well at worst you’ve got your hands on some envy-inducing clothes and an early ‘in’ on a brand which is a stealth style secret for those in the know.

1.Darcey dress, £195; 2. Ica peasant skirt, £110; 3. Indya lace top, £95; 4. Thea strap espadrilles, £95; 5. Janet cami, £75; 6. Isolda sundress, £125; 7. Inese blouse, £95; 8. Angela pom bangle, £75; 9. Kinga strappy maxi dress, £125; 10. Ivash lurex stripe dress, £165


This post is in collaboration with Iris. We only work with brands we love – and hope you do, too. Thank you for supporting the brands and the posts which make W&W possible.


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