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We want to live here: a stylish family home in London

There are few Wear & Where features I love more than ones focusing on interior designer Laura Stephens' projects. Not only has Laura a great eye for decor and colour, she is also brilliant at explaining the thinking behind her process. Which means that as well as drooling over stunning pictures of exquisite homes, you can also pick up some great interior tips too....…


Shopping the sales: Home

It's January, it's raining, it's time to make your home feel and look even better than ever...…


Dear Christmas….

....this year, we'd like to make things easy. We don't have much time on our hands, we have a lot of presents to buy and with The Big Day just around the corner, not much time to do it. So, Christmas, we've come up with a plan. Let's just do all our shopping in one, rather glorious, place with an amazing 15% discount....…

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How to Decorate with Grey Paint

One flat. One owner who loves the idea of grey paint, but is baffled by the array of shades on offer.(Forget 50; more like 350…) One interior designer who can see through the maze of grey. Want to see what happens next?…

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6 Paint Dilemmas: Solved (by an Expert)

“I am”, said my friend and fellow journalist, Claire, “actually losing sleep over paint samples.” She was 8 months pregnant, with a toddler and a job clamouring for attention, in the throes of moving and doing up her new flat. I knew exactly what – or rather who – she needed: our favourite interiors guru Laura Stephens, here to answer every one of her – and your – paint dilemmas. (Check back in next week to see Claire’s flat…)…