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Spring (garden) shopping by Joanna Archer

The wonderful garden designer Joanna Archer turned our flowerless urban oasis into a little pice of the countryside in the city – and we love it (even though I am still very much the novice gardener…’Um, is this a weed or what?’). So when C and I met her and her little boy at Kew gardens (not, alas, for a stroll through the greenery, but for babyccinos and gingerbread men followed by frenetic play at Climbers and Creepers) – I pretty much twisted her arm into giving W&W the lowdown on giving your garden a spring makeover. “It’s a daily ritual now. Nipping outside and peering at the ground longing for SPRING to appear. If you’re an impatient gardener, like me, you might just want some instant ways to bring much needed cheer to your plot. Here are some ideas for your shopping list: 1. Spring flowering plants Ranunculus sp. [ABOVE] are joyful lollipops of colour, flowering from now to early Summer. Happy in full sun or part shade they look pretty in a pot or at the front of well drained border. I’m obsessed with pink as you will see but they are equally lovely in white, red, orange……