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Hot home update: 7 black and gold table lamps to lust after

It’s funny how you can go your whole life without particularly thinking about something and then suddenly, one day, wake up desperately wanting that aforementioned thing so much, you can’t possibly imagine your life/living room/lunch without it. Which is exactly how I currently feel about Greek Salad and rather more interestingly, black and gold table lamps……

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Hot Home Buy: Pineapples!

  World’s shortest post today as I am so flat out with work, life, children, everything – that I am almost paper-thin-horizontal. BUT can I urge you to hasten to the H&M website and check out their amazing pineapple offerings. Like this serving dish and candle. On a similar note – I don’t even need a bottle opener, but how fabulous is this palm tree? (And this co-ordinating plant pot.)                 Pineapple glass jar, £7.99; Serving dish, £7.99…

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How to….accessorize your bathroom

Why yes, this is a thing. You may not call it accessorising – to be honest, I don’t usually either – but adding nice, aesthetically pleasing objects to your bathroom to make it just that tad more inviting/spa-like/luxurious is definitely worth doing. Most of these things (soap dishes, toothbrush holders etc) are necessities, so by upgrading them you have a very affordable way to change the whole feel of your bathroom without splashing the cash……

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Interiors ideas: let’s start with the living room

Having recently moved house (just before Christmas, why on earth did I think that was a good idea?) I am now in full-on interiors mode. Curtains, blinds, shelves…you name it, I’m probably thinking about it. And, the first room I’m planning, well, that’s the living room, which is why I’ve hit Pinterest hard searching for inspiration….…

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You mug

What’s that you’d like a tea? Or a really strong coffee? Well, step right this way, we have the mug just for you…..…

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Pom Pom Obsession

I am a great fan of a pom pom. I recently bought these shoes from Next which I l-o-v-e (I also love the p-r-i-c-e). Fortunately for me, pom poms are liberally sprinkled about the high street and internet at the moment.…