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Blogging versus Instagram

Blogs versus Instagram: do you really need both? Are blogs still relevant? Is there any point to blogging any more? Does anyone really have time to read them? Isn’t it all about instagram these days?…


The Simple Things

Last week I was forcibly reminded about the pleasure to be found in the simplest things. …


The Power of Three: How Not To Do It All

Three. That's the number of things from a set list you can prioritise on any one day. Choose; focus; and give your all - rather than trying (and failing) to do everything well. Sound intriguing?…


#InspiringWomen: Julia Yule and Christina Moss of Bloom & Blossom

Meet Julia Yule and Christina Moss. Sister-in-laws, businesswomen, mothers and forces of nature. There are people who talk about making things happen - and then there are the people who get out and do it. Julia and Christina are the women behind Bloom & Blossom - the natural skincare brand for mamas and babies which quite literally started life around the kitchen table and is now a household name, favoured by a certain Duchess of Cambridge.…


Insomnia: Is this how to sleep better tonight?

Back in December, I posted on Instagram about how my intermittent insomnia has returned to haunt me. 'Help', I asked, 'Anyone got any tips for beating the insomnia beast?' Well, it seems hundreds of you do, actually (and there are plenty of fellow sufferers). I promised to let you know how I got on - so here it is: an absolute bevy of insomnia-tackling tips.…


Find The One: How to fall in love with exercise

Brace yourselves. Alex and I have a confession to make. We have both found The One. Not that One. The other one. Exercise. We feel stronger, healthier, more balanced and sleep better. What's not to love? …