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How to build a brand by ME+EM founder Clare Hornby

Work incredibly hard. Be prepared to compromise. Be ever-vigilant for tipping points.  Never really switch off (when it’s your business, that’s a luxury). The seriously impressive – and very inspiring – Clare Hornby, founder of ME + EM (beautifully made, wearable, flattering clothes) shares her road to building this quietly brilliant brand.…


The Sleep Edit

Want to sleep better? Want your children to sleep how babies – according to the  legend – are supposed to sleep. I might just have found out how……

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Win! £150 to spend at Wild & Gorgeous

Christmas is coming so it's time to get your kids' glad rags on (or win a special prize for a niece/nephew/godson/god-daughter). We have TWO gift certificates worth £150 each to give away to spend at Wild & Gorgeous, quite possibly the most stylish kidswear brand around..…


So, what’s it like having 4 kids?

If there’s one thing that I get asked a LOT (it’s up there with ‘would you like chocolate on that?’) is “What’s it like having four children?” Often accompanied with a look of sheer horror or can what only be described as the look of someone who is mulling it over. The truth is that I only know what it’s like to have my four children. Someone else with four will undoubtedly have a completely different experience. Hell, someone else looking after my four children will have a completely different experience to me, so with that in mind, this is what I’ve learned….…


How to Change Your Life by Helen Cordy of Wood/Grey

Ever been tempted to change your life? Throw in the 9 to 5 for the challenge of running your own business? It could be The Dream – but it’s also a risk. Helen Cordy did exactly that, when she launched Wood/Grey, one of the chicest lifestyle stores we’ve ever seen……


A letter to myself as a mama-to-be

What parenting advice would you give your pre-child self? It being half term in our world, this seems the right time to share this letter I wrote to myself as a mama-to-be. (Originally written for Alex & Alexa’s blog.)…