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How to build a brand by ME+EM founder Clare Hornby

Work incredibly hard. Be prepared to compromise. Be ever-vigilant for tipping points.  Never really switch off (when it’s your business, that’s a luxury). The seriously impressive – and very inspiring – Clare Hornby, founder of ME + EM (beautifully made, wearable, flattering clothes) shares her road to building this quietly brilliant brand.…


How to Change Your Life by Helen Cordy of Wood/Grey

Ever been tempted to change your life? Throw in the 9 to 5 for the challenge of running your own business? It could be The Dream – but it’s also a risk. Helen Cordy did exactly that, when she launched Wood/Grey, one of the chicest lifestyle stores we’ve ever seen……


W&W on Alex & Alexa

When boutique children’s site Alex & Alexa invited us to join their Collective, we were v flattered to be asked, and then jumped at the chance.…


How to conquer your to-do list and get things done?

I need a new way of organising my life. My mind is constantly darting from one thing to another. My to-do list is endless - and I never seem to get the bottom of it. (Sound familiar?) I accept this is par for the course when work, young children and domestic admin collide. You can just about keep on top of it, but then throw in something unexpected, or extra, and it all spins out of control. How on earth do you stay on top of things? How do you get stuff done? I miss that feeling of ticking things off the list.…


5 things I’ve learned about parenting by Nathalie Christen-Genty, founder of Melijoe

She may be a chic Parisian entrepreneur, but Nathalie Christen-Genty is also a hands-on mother to 5 (yes 5!) children. With a busy job as founder of Melijoe, an online designer kids’ fashion boutique with a great edit of boys and girls clothes from designers such as Little Eleven Paris and Stella McCartney, a husband who works in London during the week and yup – those 5 children (Mathis, 13, Antone, almost 12, Mélie, 5 1/2, Néva, 4 1/2, Mahaut,  1 1/2) to look after, she has one serious juggling act on her hands. With her children ranging in age from toddler to early teen, she’s had 13 years experience of parenting, making her the perfect person to ask what she’s learned about being a mother….…


5 Things I’ve Learned About Parenting…Twins

I remember when I was first pregnant, my husband and I merrily thought that twins would be a great way to get the whole pregnancy and baby thing over in on go. HA. Like two babiest at once wouldn’t have sent us over the edge. Fortunately, Marie-Claire Dorking is far more of a wonder woman that I am. Freelance writer/editor, founder of Skribe London and mother of five-year-old twins, Leo and Maeve (find her on Twitter @MarieDorking) – we’re thrilled/awed to discover what she’s learned about parenting two small people, simultaneously.…