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5 things I’ve learned about parenting by Nathalie Christen-Genty, founder of Melijoe

She may be a chic Parisian entrepreneur, but Nathalie Christen-Genty is also a hands-on mother to 5 (yes 5!) children. With a busy job as founder of Melijoe, an online designer kids’ fashion boutique with a great edit of boys and girls clothes from designers such as Little Eleven Paris and Stella McCartney, a husband who works in London during the week and yup – those 5 children (Mathis, 13, Antone, almost 12, Mélie, 5 1/2, Néva, 4 1/2, Mahaut,  1 1/2) to look after, she has one serious juggling act on her hands. With her children ranging in age from toddler to early teen, she’s had 13 years experience of parenting, making her the perfect person to ask what she’s learned about being a mother….…


5 Things I’ve Learned About Parenting…Twins

I remember when I was first pregnant, my husband and I merrily thought that twins would be a great way to get the whole pregnancy and baby thing over in on go. HA. Like two babiest at once wouldn’t have sent us over the edge. Fortunately, Marie-Claire Dorking is far more of a wonder woman that I am. Freelance writer/editor, founder of Skribe London and mother of five-year-old twins, Leo and Maeve (find her on Twitter @MarieDorking) – we’re thrilled/awed to discover what she’s learned about parenting two small people, simultaneously.…

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How to turn your business dreams into reality by Melanie Marshall and Suzi Bergman of Storksak

We’re always interested in how other women make a success of their businesses, expecially when they take a homegrown idea and spin it into entrepreneurial gold. Having met each other on the school run, Suzi Bergman and Melanie Marshall are two such women. Having clicked as friends, they joined forces and launched Storksak, a luxury line of baby changing bags, from home. Toted by the likes of Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba (and Natasha and I when we first had our children!), the bags are some of the most stylish on the market and a decade on business is booming with over 100,000 sales a year. Having recently expanded into organic bath and body products for children, Storksak is going from strength to strength. Read on to discover how Melanie and Suzi tell did it AND find out how you can win a gorgeous Storksak Organics Baby Spa Set.……

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Two Timesaving Tips

Busy? Working mama? (Just like Caroline de Maigret?) Yeah, us too.Too busy to even stop forpetessake? Well, put down what you’re doing and read this, because this week I discovered two genius time-saving tips..…


Would you have a boob job?

What do you think about boob jobs? Unnecessary, unfeminist and not for a woman like you? Or, do you secretly (or not-so-secretly) hanker after one? When a friend announced that she was having one last summer I was fascinated. Whilst I know people who’ve dabbled with botox and a couple who’ve admitted to nose jobs, I didn’t think I knew anyone who’d done anything more. Why did she have it done? Will it open the floodgates to having more procedures? What does her husband think? And most importantly, was it worth it? If you’ve ever wondered what type of woman actually has a boob job, then read on, you might be surprised……


How to turn your business dreams into reality: Clare and Rebecca Hopkins of Balance Me

I’ve been using natural British skincare brand Balance Me for a few weeks now. The Super Moisturising hand cream is fantastic for dry old crone’s hands like mine, the Super Moisturising body oil smells ridiculously divine and the Wonder eye cream sounds wonderful with its promises to smooth, brighten and lift tired eyes. Founded by sisters Clare and Rebecca Hopkins, the company celebrates its 10th year this year and is renowned for its range of 98.8% natural products (i.e. no paragons, sulphates, artificial fragrances etc), which not only smell great, but also work like a dream. With a decade of business under the belts, we wanted to ask them how they set about creating an award-winning company from scratch and what it feels like to work with a sibling… …