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The Perfect Dress?

I consider myself fairly well-placed to ponder the question of what constitutes the perfect dress. The lion's share of my wardrobe is divided between pretty white tops (a topic for another post) and dresses. If I don't know what to wear, a dress is my fallback. If I want to feel zhuzh-y, I'll put on a dress. As soon as it's warm enough, I wear a one every day (and pack a suitcase full of them when I go on holiday).…


Colour Files: Pink

Where do you stand on wearing colour? How about the deliberate colour clash - which is everywhere, so even if you have no intention of sporting it yourself,¬†prepare to see others rocking the look. Shades might be advisable if colour is anathema. We'll start with an easy one: pink.…


Shopping the Sales – great buys to last you all year

Whether you like to dive in like Tom Daley or prefer to swerve them completely, you can't escape the fact that The Sales are here. Whilst many of you might have dipped your shopping toes into the sartorial waters back on Boxing Day (or before Christmas in fact), there are still great buys to be found - and buys that will carry you happily through this winter and into next season. Here's what we have our eye on... …


Christmas Gift Guide: Men

Ah, men. Much as I adore all the boys in my life, most of them (bar the four-year-old) are pretty tricky to buy for. If he's behaved himself, here's what he might find under the tree this year.…


Style Hero: The Sequin Skirt

We have always greeted the concept of high-low dressing with open arms. Especially when it comes to sequin skirts. (I want to wear one; I don't want to look like an extra on Strictly.)…


November Wishlist

And a slightly belated hello to November. This month's wishlist is dedicated to the smaller brands I've discovered via Instagram - because there is a great joy to be had from supporting a brilliant, burgeoning brand.…