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Style around the World: Aussie Rules

A few months ago I was thinking about how a lot of cities have a signature style. Paris is classic, New York is all about grooming and London is regarded on a global scale as slightly eccentric. And yet, is this really true? Parts of London are experimental when it comes to fashion, but take a stroll around Clapham, Kensington or Kew and I’m betting you’ll be looking at a more restrained style of dressing. Similarly, Paris so celebrated for it’s classic looks also has it rock’n’roll quirks, just think of Emmanuelle Alt (the tres feted Editor of French Vogue) and Isabel Marant, whose boho luxe look makes headlines around the world. So, what better way of really getting under a city’s style skin than to ask someone who lives there? To make things even more interesting, we’ve asked British ex-pats for their thoughts, so we get the real low-down on Brit v. international style. Kicking off our new irregular series is Charlie Boyce, Founder and Director of Portobello PR, a fashion and beauty PR company based in Sydney, Australia. If there’s anything that Charlie doesn’t know about Aussie fashion, well, you could write it on a postcard……