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Christmas Gift Guide: Children

klj_img_2_1024x1024Three weeks to go ’til The Big Day and we’re well and truly into the swing of the gift guide thing. Today: what to buy for children.

I have always been a Christmas obsessive. People who nod sagely and say, “Yes indeed, Christmas is for the children” haven’t quite appreciated the extent of my personal obsession with the decorations, fairylights, sparkle, greenery, Buble, mince pies, carols and, well, magic of the festive season.

Having children has increased the magic a hundredfold. Writing notes to – and from – Father Christmas (please can I exhort you to check out Polar Post (see above for their gorgeous ‘Letter to Father Christmas’ set)? Just the most beautiful, charming way of corresponding with the big FC). I adore stuffing their stockings, down the satsuma in the toe. Decorating the tree (although obviously I have to exert extreme effort of will not to redistribute). Honestly, I have a lump in my throat just thinking about it. And whilst I love presents (I cannot lie), truly there is nothing better than their little faces on Christmas morning.

Whilst all I really want for Christmas (yep, I even love that song) is for them to be happy and healthy, what they want is a matter for careful consideration.

When buying for our children, we tend to veer away from too much plastic and excess technology. My daughter’s stocking will be stuffed with crafty bits to fuel her ‘making’ obsession, books (this series is what I’ve gone for this year: illustrations and ambition, what’s not to like?), Lego, Maileg mice and something for her room – she’s getting into the stage where she loves to play and “get cosy” in it. Anything personalised, like these Little Cloud cushions or the knitted name signs, will go down a storm (I – and she – would also love the ballerina and the bunny.) I have to include the edit58 bed as it really is The Dream – but if it’s a little budget-busting, then check out their baskets – this one would make a stylish little girl very happy. Also, please see anything sparkly. And the Atlas of Adventure, which I think was a present from Alex one year, and is utterly brilliant. (So brilliant that when my friend Katie came to visit last week and was inveigled into bedtime stories, she kept exclaiming over it – promptly ordered three copies for other children of her acquaintance.)

My son is happy with anything transport-related (including, I hope, this garage, which will fit with his beloved train set – check out this one if you’re in the market for trains). He would probably dance for joy (he’s probably the best dancer in the family) if he found this car under the tree, and I think the Tegu magnetic blocks are utter genius. I shall also be buying this book for all the littlest people of my acquaintance – as both my children have fallen in love with it in turn.

P.S. We love the idea behind Scamp & Dude clothes bestrewn with superheroes to keep your children safe.  Now that is a perfect gift.

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Ride on car, £95, The Little White Company;  Mini kitchen, £51, John Lewis; Medium Bunny, £26.50, Maileg












Glitter bag, £19.50, Boden; Magnetic blocks, from £18, Tegu; Puffin in Bloom collection, £40.78


personalisedmonogramcushionlibertygrouplifestyle img_4061_2048x2048 large-2









Personalised cushion, £28, Little Cloud; Wire ‘Bed of Dreams’, £125, Edit58; Racing car tower, £42, Alex & Alexa



meow-meow-hair-band_heath_g_2 sd_04_t79_1645_zz_x_ec_0 236400122









Sequin Meow hairband, £19, Wild & Gorgeous; Jigsaw world puzzle, £12, M&S; Orange Tree animal skittles, £15.95, John Lewis




d28f8fd46c90ac8123c61920665ae756 lodden_big_bow_band_grande moons_grande









Fujifilm mini instant camera, £54.99, John Lewis; Liberty print big bow headband, £16, Coco & Wolf; Slim Jims Full Moon pjyamas (6 months – 9 years), £28, The Bright Company














Sweatshirt, £36, Scamp & Dude; Glitter cat flats, £16.95, Gap; The Art Book for Children, Phaidon, £12.05

And for the littlest ones…

normal_skymobile-nursery-mobile ad30f6af5312ca199781a08eb9672834 2401463_pri










Cashmere bear hat, £28, Oliver Baby and Kids; Sky mobile, £35, Nubie; Dress (from 3-24 months), £37, Petit Bateau














This or That, £8.95, Thames & Hudson; Soft wool blanket, £89.95, Bugaboo; Romper, £48, Olivier Baby & Kids











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