Christmas Gift Guides: KIDS

This gift guide isn’t about the big presents; the bikes, the hoverboards, the doll’s houses, the must-have Lego set…. Those kind of presents are so personal to the child, that you’ll probably know about them already. What I’ve focused on are the crowd pleasers, that (hopefully) most children will love, enabling you to bulk buy Unicorn Poo and Colouring Books to your heart’s content, thereby easily navigating the ‘what to buy’ the small people in your life dilemma. I have 15 children aged between 0-13 to buy for, including my own, so ease is very much the order of the day, although I also want to make them squeal with the delight. After all, what’s the point in being an aunt/godmother without being TOTALLY AWESOME with it?!

  1. My 6 year-old received this colouring set for his birthday and absolutely adores it. The case is beautiful and there are so many lovely pencils included. A dream for art-lovers, £21.96.
  2. Do you Dobble? If not, you should! It’s such a brilliant game and is probably the only one in our family that we can all play together. It’s addictive. £10.99
  3. This series of books is wonderful and important. I’m thrilled that they’ve bought out one with boys and girls’ stories in it as it’s so important for kids’ to know they are equals. £5.99
  4. Buying for a girly girl? This won’t disappoint….£4.50
  5. A cool necklace for tweens and young teens. I almost rather want it myself! £8
  6. Unicorn Poo bath bombs, £7. Utterly brilliant idea and what a stocking filler!
  7. Drawing, Doodling and Colouring book. This is a beautiful and inventive book with so much to do inside. A fantastic one for colouring enthusiasts. £12.50
  8. Tootsa MacGinty make gorgeous unisex childrenswear, that’s so well-made and stand the test of time (mine have been passed down three children). Their Christmas jumpers are just fabulous. £38
  9. Glitter Unicorn Wand, £6.20. Do you notice a theme here?
  10. A cool coat for a cool kitten, £49.95 Gap (they always have a deal on). The ears just make it.
  11. Chameleon robot, £39.99. One of Philip Schofield’s top toy recommendations this year, I’ve bought it for someone special….

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