Christmas Shopping: Part 3 – Men


I cannot tell you how hard I find shopping for men. The men in my life either don’t want anything, or do that thing of buying what they want/need as soon as they want/need it (my husband is a particular offender. My son will probably be the same once he gets old enough not delighted by wooden trains and Matchbox cars). There are rules about this kind of thing, people – especially in the run-up to Christmas. This said, I have rustled up a few Christmas gifts for men….

1.Reefer jacket, was £198 currently, £178.20, Boden

Classic, warm, classy, will never go out of fashion. Rather like him.

2. Portable Powerbank charger for iphone/laptop/ipad, £24.50, John Lewis

For anyone who is perpetually on the go (and perpetually forgetting to charge their ipad/phone) this will be their finest present moment. My husband had better not be reading this….

3. Wine Butler delivery – two bottles every month from £20, The Wine Butler

One of the smartest drinking moves we ever made was not to stick to the gin, but to join The Wine Society. We did so around the time we started producing young children – when, of course, you stop going out quite as much. (Brief misty-eyed pause to appreciate the halcyon days when we ate out more then we ate in.) I swear improving the quality of wine you drink at home makes staying in considerably less painful. So The Wine Butler delivers the best organic wine he can find to your door. Apparently, organic wine is better for you, too. Happy days all around.

4. Crosley vinyl record player, £89, Urban Outfitters

Who wouldn’t want a stack of his favourites on vinyl and a cool retro player on which to play them, eh?

5. Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders

A Booker-prize-winning stocking filler, this New York Times bestseller takes place over the course of one evening, and charts the grief of Abraham Lincoln over the loss of his son, Willie. Experimental, audacious and brilliant.

6. Cashmere scarf, £59, M&S

Can I confess something a little odd? As a general rule, I find men more attractive the more layers they wear. My ideal look involves a well-cut coat, chunky knit and knotted scarf. I swear this is the sole reason I harboured a crush on Jose Mourinho for ages.

7. Cashmere jupmper, now £69.97,  Gap

See above. Also, in my eyes, anything cashmere makes a great present.

8. French cheese box, £50, La Fromagerie

When in doubt, go for food, preferably something French.

9. Cufflinks, £125, Monica Vinader

My husband wears these most days, I like the idea he carries a little bit of us with him,

10. YLF body wash, £25, Triumph & Disaster

Looks good in the bathroom, smells good and you can use it, too. Winning.

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