Christmas Shopping: Part 1


We have been beavering away building our Christmas gift guides for you – but here’s a little taster (and it’s all about you)…

I cannot lie. Yes, this a line-up of presents calculated to please. Everything here is a can’t-go-wrong classic. It’s also a list of ‘things Natasha would like for Christmas, please-thank-you-very-much’ so if you bump into my husband, feel free to waft it under his nose (or whatever is the digital equivalent of that print-related term. ‘Email him the link’ just doesn’t have the same magic. Which is why I still write lists. Use a paper diary (see below). Am obsessed with notebooks. Buy books. Read magazines in the bath. Etcetera.)

1.Velvet flats, £90, Boden (currently 30% off this with code N6D5)

Possibly the the most perfect flats: dressy enough to wear by eve, sufficiently simple to wear with jeans by day. Also available in burgundy and teal, but stick to black to be on the safe side.

2. Smythson Soho diary, £155, Smythson

The definitive diary. End of. A classic for reason. My husband bought me a Panama last year, but this year I’d rather like to upsize so I can keep it on my desk.

3. Alphabet glass, £8, M&S

The ideal gift for classy couples – or girls about town, or anyone, really. Use it for everything from your morning juice to your evening cocktail (should you be the type to have one of those). Currently on a 3 for 2 deal so buy for all your girlfriends.

4. Sequin jacket, £89, Monsoon

Because who doesn’t secretly love sequins? I’d even wear it over a plain tee and jeans – just because it’s so fabulous.

5. Black cashmere jumper, £69.90, Uniqlo 

Uniqlo cashmere is great value and comes in a rainbow of colours. I’d stick to a neutral, because then you can wear it with anything.

6. Jessica maxi skirt, £150, Olivia Rubin

I love Olivia Rubin and I love her designs, which are as stylish as she is (and she’s very chic indeed). I also love the idea of wearing something that you won’t see on every other woman and my sensible head tells me to save up for one of her dresses rather than splurging on a handful of cheap alternatives. It’s hard to pick just one, but this skirt won the day for its sparkle and longevity. I’ll be wearing mine with a big jumper.

7. Soft lace bra, £27, Stories

Underwear so pretty you want it to peek out.

8. Black pomegranate candle, from £14, SevenSeventeen

Another example of supporting small businesses: not only do SevenSeventeen produce candles that smell heavenly (this sultry Pomegranate  is next on my list), they donate £1 from the sale of every single candle to PANDAS, which helps mothers suffering from pre and post-natal mental illness.

9. Darley bag, £550, Mulberry

Okay, so this is possibly a little budget-busting, but I promise it would be the gift that keeps giving!

10. Gold hoops, £145, Jennifer Fisher at Net-a-Porter

This is the year that I have been tempted (mostly by Alex) out of tiny earrings and into big ones. I would be a very happy woman if I could add these to my accessories arsenal.

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