Collection of Lust: Hush Beachwear

Shot_75_015Alex and I make no secret of the fact that we love hush. Whenever we meet it is likely that one of us will be sporting something with a hush tag. When we had a preview of the S/S collection, we fell in love with, well, pretty much all of it. And, for the first time ever, this year they’re doing a high summer collection featuring the most covetable beach and swimwear. Bliss. Obviously, we want the lot (par for the course), but couldn’t resist picking our favourites…

This is the woman we want to be on holiday, all effortlessly stylish, healthy, bronzed of limbs and easy breezy. Oh, where to start?

How about with this Palm Beach dress (£49)?


I love the crochet neckline, the flow-y jersey, the length, the fact that if I put it on and squinted (and liberally applied fake tan), I could totally work the Italian vibe. Moreover, it could absolutely take you from beach to lunch to sipping rose at sunset. And that cut is very flattering indeed. I am off on holiday for two weeks at the end of this month and I plan to pack very little indeed (with two children, my holiday wardrobe is definitely shunting into third place), but this is at the top of the list. (It’s also available as a top.)

If you prefer something more folk-y (or you hanker after shoulder coverage), the embroidered dress [£55, top] genuinely is a sunny delight (it’s also available in white with pink embroidery), although I find an all-white dress nigh-on irresistible come the summer – the Coco Beach dress, (£55) for instance. It’s cotton, it has sleeves (we like a dress with sleeves) and will take you pretty much anywhere this summer:Shot_73_046

Two children and insufficient (for which read ‘none whatsoever’) sit-ups and not a whisper of yoga has left my stomach rather less toned than is ideal, so I shall mostly be sporting a swimsuit on holiday. Fortunately, hush’s first ever swimwear collection offers this black swimsuit which I shall be purchasing with all due haste.

See? It’s perfect. So flattering. So forgiving. So good at giving you oomph in the right places. Mind you, if you are in the market for a bikini, the selection is excellent – in an array of primaries for a colour pop, and available as separates.

Then all you need is a kaftan to throw over it and that’s your holiday wardrobe sorted. Yes, they have that box ticked too.

(Dear hush, we love you, but enough already. Cease with your temptation; our children need shoes!)




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