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Cool cushions


Despite the (inevitable) Indian Summer that always hits at the start of a new school New Year, there’s a definite hint of autumn in the air. Add to this the fact that we’ve just moved house (although we are currently in-between places) and it’s hardly surprising that ‘Intense Interiors Obsession’ has hit me with full-force. Because we don’t actually have a house at present, I can only dream and I’m starting with that easiest of Interiors update, the simple-but-oh-so-lovely-cushion…


Colour Pop

Cushions are an easy way to add an instant colour pop to an otherwise neutral room. They’re also a simple way to incorporate a small shot of super-bright colour (like the neon yellow above) into your design scheme without going overboard. I love the combination of yellow cushion and decadent green sofa. I’m also always a sucker for a hot pink cushion.

hmprod                  3740000649_1_1_3-1                   234403014

Cushion cover, £6.99, H&M; Coral palm tree cushion cover, from £3.99, Zara Home; Neon orange cushion, £55, Kirkby Design by Romo Bakerloo



Playing with different textures is also a wonderful way to create an incredibly inviting cushion arrangement. Velvet can’t help but be stroked, pattern creates aesthetic interest and pom-poms, well who doesn’t love a pom pom?

duck-egg-pompom-900-300x300          ALBANY_99-CC              34276824_011_b

Duck egg pom pom cushion, £58, Bluebell Gray; Albany cushions, from £35, The White Company; Tasseled cushion, £68, Anthropologie;


Pattern Clash

Another great way to mix up your cushions is to throw together an assortment of patterns (as above). I really like the mishmash of prints, although all tied in with a similar colour way.

50441                          8a91d5_49a5d4151dd54e3bb833ceafb7488b04.jpg_srb_p_600_543_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srb                  Unknown

Pugin Fuchsia cushion, £60, Designers Guild; Block-printed cushion, £65, Molly Mahon; Pink city maze cushion, from $42, Caitlin Wilson;



To paraphrase, a range of sizes is everything. To break up your cushion line throw in a mix of shapes and sizes, combining rectangular cushions with squares is a classic example.

3635906_resp_medium             QCH251RDM-0_01               jubileecushion_f-1

Summer Palace Royal Blue Round cushion, £55, Laura Ashley; Trivandrum small cover, £25, Oka; Jubilee cushion, £345, Lucinda Chambers for the Rug Company

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