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Why You Need a Gallery Wall – Part 2. (And Don’t Forget That Desenio Discount.)

You know how i love a gallery wall (who doesn’t?). I’ve flirted with them before, and will do so again in my yet-to-be-found dream house, so when Desenio threw down the gauntlet, I was game.

Until recently, when it came to my desk space, I wanted it cool, clear and uncluttered. But there comes a time when a blank wall provides insufficient inspiration. When you have a head full of work, ideas and new projects, you need a bit more zhuzh up there. The problem was: what?

Desenio offers a quite frankly brilliant proposition: a huge variety of prints across pretty much every conceivable genre and size. Simply select your print, choose your frame and, ta-da, done. (Keep reading for our exclusive discount code.)

I didn’t want anything matchy-matchy or regimented. As much as neat rows of prints look great, unless I took down the shelves, it wasn’t going to work here. I went for a casual, ad hoc arrangement. I didn’t even hang them all on the wall, opting to keep a couple free, so they could lean casually on a shelf, and I could mix them up, should whim dictate. Rather than having prints marching down the wall in a soldierly fashion, I hung a couple at desk-level. When hanging a gallery wall above a desk, it helps to remember you’ll most often view it from a seated position. Sure, you can hang it at standing eye level, but treat yourself to a piece or two which will keep you company as you sit at your desk. Wink at you when you look up, in search of inspiration.

I wanted it to feel considered, like all the prints belonged together and had been selected for a reason. So – and do spare a thought here for my husband, who also uses the desk – I opted for a loose colour scheme of white, black and blush pink, and I chose prints that had meaning for me.

Primrose Hill: When I was a little girl, I planned to live in one of these iconic pastel houses when I grew up. Alas, I didn’t also cherish dreams of being a banker, so had to content myself with being a spectator. Although I did rent in the outermost reaches of Hampstead for a while, within striking distance of Primrose Hill, which meant I could wander the pastel-lined streets. I also chose an London Arch shot, which reminds me of the area around the Inns of Court (where my husband works). He does use the desk, too, after all…

Pink Flower Dream No2: My husband and I were married in February. We decorated with candles and armfuls of white tulips and I carried a bouquet of white tulips, purple hearted anenomes and white ranunculus. Little surprise these are my favourite flowers. (There are also some amazing peony offerings – which were tempting me.) I also bought Pink Ranunculus – so I can have a series, if I fancy it.

Rue Cambon: Tempted though I was by the famous Prada sign, this one won the day for me. It reminds me I’ve worked in fashion magazines for years, that my grandmother’s favourite perfume was Chanel No. 5 – and she gave me a bottle of Coco “when I was old enough to wear Chanel”, and that, much like Cole Porter, I love Paris. Before we had children, my husband and I went over at least once a year, and, when I was still at Glamour, I ruined my daughter’s hotel expectations for life by taking her on a press trip to the Hotel Le Bristol. We had a suite and bathroom with two bathtubs. She had her own china teapot of hot chocolate with breakfast. We swam in the covered rooftop pool where she made friends with the daughter of an oil magnate.

I would LOVE to know which prints you’d choose for your gallery wall – and why. Please do share. (And send any snaps our way when you’ve curated your walls…)

The code “WEARANDWHERE” gives 25% off prints* on all Desenio’s sites between 25th-27th February 2019. 

*Except for frames and handpicked-/collaboration/personalised prints.

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