Do I or don’t I? The dungaree dilemma….

51306db15e7e3b1ece5b0446c99c5041Granted, it’s not a big one. Not up there with thinking about quitting your job, moving house or emigrating, but I do have a bit of a sartorial dilemma….


Dungarees. What do you think? I decided a while ago that the long ones just didn’t work on me, despite seeing a really cool low-backed khaki green pair on a woman a few months ago. Just too Andy Pandy. Too Karl from Brushstrokes (now in Eastenders!)  But, short ones, I’m not so clear about. For some reason (too many pictures of Alexa Chung? A hankering to be 12 again? This heatwave we’ve been having?) I found myself thinking about getting a pair this week and then as if it were fate, I walked into Topshop and saw a pair. Short (but were they too short?), fitted (but not too fitted) and criss-crossed back, they were really cool. In my heart, I looked like the girl in the top picture (in the changing room I teamed them with this top), but in my head I worried that I looked like mutton dressed as teenage lamb. I decided to buy the black and the blue and then try them at home, but the queue was too long so I left without them. But, should I go back? I can’t stop thinking about them. What do you think? I need advice!


Image: We heart fashion; Fashion Me Now

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