Do or Don’t? Shoulder-Baring

7b22b8656367a07521febcdf9d46c691The shoulder is officially having A Moment. Whilst Alex has been puzzling over dungarees, I am pondering whether or not to bare the latest hot zone.

I’ve resisted the march of the shoulder thus far – partly because OOS requires me to wrestle with the strapless bra, not one of the most flattering/comfortable undergarments known to womankind. Lord knows I need considerably more support in that department after having two children. However, there are some utterly lovely options out there, which definitely will not break the bank. 0e747c34a84e4ae1ec9033720c90b661I love this peasant style from Abercrombie & Fitch (so want to add ‘of all places’ as I tend to run in fear from said establishment as I am no longer a 14-year-old girl with casually abundant hair. Not that I ever had the latter). This printed floaty top from Zara and this one – which would work beautifully for work (more than one girl in my office has been spotted sporting a similar version). The simplicity of this pale blue top would be a good place to start for the shoulder-shy.


If I could guarantee I’d look like this, I’d be all over bearing my shoulders… I adore the whole look.


This dress from Mango is easy breezy in its simplicity – it also has a hint of the sold-out-everywhere Alexa Chung for AG Jeans. Topshop’s Bardot dress is a lace alternative. This is possibly a slight cheat, but incredibly summery and sweet. As is this.


Images via Pinterest

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