The One Thing You Need for the New Season? A Really Great Dress.

It’s September. It’s back-to-school/Strictly/new season shopping time. And so we had more fun that was strictly necessary shooting the AW essential: a really great dress (or two. Or three.)…

Alex and I have been friends for nearly 20 years and there are many things which bond us: our journalistic background (including those shared heady days when attending celebrity parties was part of our jobs and we existed on champagne and canapés, which was a good thing, too, as we were paid a pittance). Fond memories of the days we shared a flat. Respect for each other as mothers, women and writers. A love of cinnamon buns. (Truly, the day we are sponsored by Gail’s and paid in cinnamon buns will be a great one.) Leopard print. And the joy of a great dress.

Despite not being one of those blogging duos who share a precise style aesthetic, we are united by our love for the dress. They are the ultimate throw-on-and-go item; the fastest way to get ready in the morning (and look great). So when the opportunity arose to partner with one of our favourite brands, hush, and flit around London’s prettiest streets, trying pretty much their entire collection of dresses, we leapt at it. Here then, are the dresses you need for AW.

The Floral Midi

Alex wears: Serena dress, £99, and Upton boots, £185; Natasha wears Liv dress, £99 and Rye boots, £220

To paraphrase Samuel Johnson: If a woman is bored of the midi dress, she is bored of life. You’re unlikely to hear anyone saying they’re so over the midi. And if they are, they’re in trouble, because it is, once again, big news for AW.

Having lived in them all summer, this is excellent news as far as we’re concerned. A floral midi is the perfect transitional piece. First up: it has sleeves. Praise be. But it’s not too heavy – so you can wear it now/during the Indian Summer we are promised with flats, sandals or trainers. When the chill sets in, just add boots – but wear with bare legs. Embrace the clash: pair with chunky boots (to off-set the pretty factor) or opt for a pattern clash (see above: florals meet leopard print). A leather (or khaki) jacket works shrugged over your dress for the same reason: it’s a happy marriage of opposites. It also means you’ll be warm (bonus). If you need/want to look smarter, just add a blazer.

We’ll still be wearing these dresses in the depth of winter, but layered over a polo neck or with a slouchy jumper on top. Maybe with the addition of this coat?

Upton boots and Aurelie bag, £110 

The Dressed-Down Maxi

Alex has an earlier version of this dress and assures me it’s her “all time fave”. She credits this to its incredibly flattering cut and that elasticated waist, which means it can be adjusted regardless of your height. This rich green shade works for both day and night (just switch up your shoes) – and is pretty much made for autumn. P.S. It also comes in this galaxy print.

If (like me) you’re still not one hundred convinced maxis are The One, try this midi-with-an-almost-maxi asymmetric hem.

Alex wears: Yasmin dress, £99 and Upton boots, £185  Natasha wears: Melody dress, £89; Rye boots, £220, and Juliette bag, £110

The New Short(ish)

For those who think they can’t do short, I say this: you can, and this is the season to do it. Firstly, there’s short and there’s shortish. Secondly, tights and boots are your friends.

As you may know if you follow us on Instagram, I have very recently unleashed my legs, at the age of 41. (It’s time to stop worrying about things being imperfect.) Yes, I am a Nora Ephron quote in reverse. It’s had surprising benefits: more options and more fun. There’s something jaunty about a shorter skirt – just keep the rest of your outfit casual: think a denim or leather jacket; star-print trainers or flat ankle boots and thick tights. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have tried this dress before, but I loved it.

I admit, however, that there are days when you need something slightly longer (but not so long that it gets in the way) i.e. the ultimate ‘throw it on and forget about it’ dress. In which case, feast your eyes upon the dress Alex is wearing. It ticks all the boxes: just long enough (it’ll hit above the knee if you’re on the taller side, but not knicker-flashingly so); the perfect winter neutral (navy) with a flash of metallic; will happily take you from work to play/the school run. It is, in not-so-short, the kind of dress to tell your friends about.

Natasha wears: Cressida dress, £75; Alex wears Emanuelle dress, £69

Style it With….

  1. Anya Coat, £170; 2. Flori bag, £110; 3. Avebury boots, £230; 4. Charlie jumper, £85; 5. Onyx leather jacket, £295; 6. Ledbury trainers, £149; 7. Bracelet, £15


This post is in collaboration with hush, one of our favourite brands. We only ever work with brands we love – and hope you do, too. Thank you for supporting them and us. It’s collaborations like this which enable us to produce W&W.

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