Easter: the decorating part

Okay. I know it’s totally unnecessary to trick your home out for Easter. We get enough of that at Christmas. La la la. But, you know what? I LIKE all that stuff.  So sue me. I think the key is not to spend madly. After all, you’ll only have them on show for a week, tops. And you must accept that there’s a danger of looking a little bit (whisper it) twee. Just go with it. Why should we be slaves to impeccably restrained taste all the time?

Is this is the sweetest egg cup ever? Oak bunny ears egg cup, £17, Hop & Peck









I am all over the idea of a little Easter tree: pretty spring (ha) branches hung with wooden, painted eggs (just like we had when I was growing up). Something along the lines of John Lewis‘s vintage egg decorations, £4.


Not on the High Street is a fertile hunting ground for such things. I am rather taken with these gingham numbers: three fabric eggs by Elm Tree Studios, £9.


And there’s a lot to like about these jolly, plump chaps (Hand painted wooden bird decorations by Little Patch, £3.95).


If you have little people coming to do an egg hunt and for lunch – serve them lunch on the super cute Hop to it cup and plate (£4.25 for 12at The Little Baby Company). Bonus: no washing up.



Final thought: why stop at decorating your home? This Easter baby outfit by SmileLoveDesigns is $10 (around £6.70) on Etsy


And if you must wear bunny ears, make sure they’re Liberty print (£8 from Paperchase).


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