Easter: Time for the eggs!

While Natasha is all about decorations, I am all about the eggs. I love chocolate. Not a day goes by without some form of it passing my lips. I’m not a chocolate snob, I actually prefer cheap chocolate (wispas and double deckers are my current favourites), but I’m not averse to really good, expensive, maybe-even good-for-you chocolate (Green and Black’s mint is divine). Although when it comes to hot chocolate, I will only drink one – Paul‘s quite-frankly-ridiculously-good hot choc. Nothing else compares. But, I digress. Back to eggs. And bunnies. And other little chocolate animals. Here’s our pick of this year’s best. Oh, and do try M&S where the hollow chocolate eggs are so good, that in the name of research, I’ve eaten two already today (is it time for an intervention?)


This exquisite egg is by Booja Booja. Handpainted by artists in Kashmir, the shell contains a selection of organic hazelnut crunch truffles, £29.99, Selfridges. Filled with chocolate praline farm animals, this Keepsake Egg can also be used as a box once you’ve devoured it’s contents, £6.99, Hope & Greenwood.


Almost too good to eat, this dark chocolate bunny by master chocolatier Paul A Young has gold shimmer powder embedded into the chocolate. £17.50 at Harvey Nichols. A classic – the Lindt chocolate bunny 200g, £4, My Supermarket.

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You’ll have to order by tomorrow, to make sure that this milk chocolate Gianduja Almonds Easter Egg arrives in time. £30, William Curley. Sold out Rococo and John Lewis, you can still by these Rococo Salt and Pepper eggs for £10.95 from Choc O Holic. The milk chocolate egg has been made with sea salt and the dark chocolate egg with chilli and black pepper.


Who wouldn’t love a HUGE jar of mini-eggs.Splendid Sweets Hen Party jar of mini-eggs, £37.50, Fortnum & Mason. Or, if you prefer your eggs to be filled with praline or truffle, go for this Sleekster selection box, £22, Hotel Chocolat.


Great for little ones, these Natalie Chocolates lamb lollies can be picked up for £1.50 from John Lewis. And for people who don’t like a chocolate (I know, I don’t get it either), these Easter Gingerbread Biscuits, £5.95, Harvey Nichols, are a good choice.


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