Easy Easter for lazy girls

27c041058c019dae65c83bbcffd2923bEaster is definitely a holiday I can get on board with. It involves chocolate, for a start. My own little bunny already has her basket at the ready and was keen to ascertain that the Easter Bunny knew she’d be at her grandparents for the Easter weekend.

I’m not suggesting that you come over all Martha Stewart (I cannot even dream of  maintaining that level of domestic perfection), but there is definitely some fun to be had – especially with/for small people.

1. Sleepy bunny goody bags

How sweet are these? I’d love to fill one with mini eggs (ah, mini eggs, how do I love thee? Let me eat you all) – and they do not look beyond my abilities. Via Probably Actually.

bunnies-52902. Envelope bunnies

Should the above look too terrifiyingly complex (via Martha Stewart). We made these last year and I can confirm they are do-able, even with little people ‘helping’. If you do happen to be handy dandy, then head over to Martha HQ, where this is a bewildering multitude of beautiful crafts and Easter entertaining ideas.0206_kids_gtenvbunny_vert

3. Fairy cake toppers

This could not be easier. Download (via The 36th Avenue) and go. You could even buy the fairy cakes, should you feel disinclined to bake. (Or head here for a selection of recipes.) DSC_8656_thumb4. Decorate an Ostereierbaum – aka an Easter tree

I’m not sure when my mum started doing this – I just know that she does it and I have stolen the idea. Probably because it is both easy and pretty – a simple way to nod to Easter with almost zero effort. Paperchase is your one-stop shop for Easter goodies: I love these gingham birds; C requested this floral bunny; and here’s a ready-made tree decorating starter kit. Anyone who lives near a Tiger shop will know they are stocking a glorious array of kitsch goodies (bright bunnies and jolly wooden eggs).



5. Bake Nigella’s Easter egg cake

Because it looks so. darn. good. And involves mini eggs. You need more of a reason? Find the recipe here.main


Images: Starshine Chic, Pinterest and Pinterest

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