Etoile by Isabel Marant on Sale

womens_isabelmarantetoileOh Isabel Marant, why are you doing this to me? With a mountain of work and a diminished bank balance I should not be trawling the Matches sale in search of bargains. But, I am. Want to know what I’ve found?


I am truly, truly sad that even with a sale discount I still can’t afford this fringed poncho (as pictured in both top pictures), we are made for each other. But who knows? You might. And then I’ll be very, very jealous…

1001777_4Natasha snapped up this top in blue on her recent French holiday. Gorgeous…



Not on sale, but how great is this skirt? Would look lovely with all the above, no? £160

1001757_1Why yes, I am window shopping for a life I don’t have. Not on sale either, but this Damia ruche-silk mini dress is DIVINE.




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