Why every woman should own a jumpsuit (or three)…

When you’re a 42-year old mother-of-four you very rarely feel ‘cool’ unless you have your head stuck in the freezer searching for that last pot of pasta sauce you are completely, 100% sure that you definitely have. But, we’re not talking about that kind of ‘cool’ are we? No, we’re talking ‘yeah man, that’s cool’, which is probably the least cool thing anyone ever said. Ever.

I certainly don’t want to feel cool in the way that a 22-year old hipster (probably a very uncool word these days) in Dalston (again, probably the least cool place on the planet right now) feels ‘cool’. And, I don’t want to feel unobtainably cool like one of those unfriendly mega-loaded trophy wives who has just dropped £5k on an ultra-niche ‘it’ dress that’s on the front of Vogue feels cool (because that’s not cool is it, that’s just loaded and show-offy). But, I would like to feel cool in the sense of being put together, stylish, unique and ‘on it’ in the way that the best possible version of un-tired, un-stressed me could be. The kind of ‘cool’ that makes women you admire complement you, but most importantly makes you want to complement yourself when you look in the mirror, rather than grimace and think ‘I wish I’d worn something else’. Cool, calm and collected, that kind of cool is the way I’d like to be and, I guess, look, which is where the jumpsuit comes in…

Everyone has a jumpsuit these days, right? Or at least, everyone should have a jumpsuit, that’s what I think. Once you’ve got the ‘need to strip to wee’ issue out of the way, you basically have the perfect piece of clothing. One-piece, so no worries about ‘putting an outfit together’, modern (no-one wore one 5 years ago), easy to dress-up and dress-down, they’re just inherently cool in a kind of Kelly McGillis Top Gun kind of way (I feel like she should’ve worn one, although I don’t think she actually did). You will probably have to try on different styles to work out what looks and feels best on you (news flash – not all jumpsuits fit the same!), but you will find one that works and doesn’t make you feel like a Kwikfit Fitter/Giant Baby, which is how I first felt when I first put one on (and now I’m an addict). In short, jumpsuits are the easiest way to dress and feel cool. Except perhaps in Dalston where all the hipsters are probably wearing old nighties teamed with stripper heels and top hats, but we wouldn’t want to look like them anyway, would we?

The Best Jumpsuits Out There….

Three of my favourite high-street stops for jumpsuits are Whistles, Warehouse and Hush, three brands that always seem to have a good style in stock. My all-time favourite jumpsuit (sleeveless, navy, wide legged, slightly ruffled shoulders) comes from Whistles as does a loose, patterned, sleeveless one I’ve worn all summer. I also have a simple sleeveless navy jumpsuit from Warehouse (it is different, I promise!) and a long sleeved black jumpsuit from Hush, which is a great evening/winter option. At the moment I have my eye on this Boden one, although also like the idea of one with those sporty side-stripes – although the much vaunted M&S one didn’t suit me. If you see any other styles do let me know!

Good old Boden has come up trumps this season. The above jumpsuit also comes in black or khaki. I’d roll up the sleeves and ankles and layer on the jewellery for a contemporary look. This is a little smarter and would work beautifully for a party, wedding or a smart office environment (just change up the accessories and you’re good to go).

This MiH silk jumpsuit at brilliant boutique Feather & Stitch isn’t cheap, but it is a thing of beauty. Pair with heels for a show-stopping party or wedding look. Knowing MiH’s cut and quality, you will love this for years.

This jumpsuit is from Hush’s fantastic new collection (quick aside – the dresses are amazing this season). Really wearable, it ticks all my jumpsuit boxes of being dress-up and down-able. An easy to wear, contemporary classic.

Buy now, wear next summer (or this summer when the sun shines). This H&M jumpsuit looks super-cute. 

I’ve never heard of the brand – ArmedAngels – or seen it in real life, but the cut of this jumpsuit looks lovely. I love the simple white trainers with the bird pattern. Definitely worth a try!

This is the M&S jumpsuit which broke the internet a few weeks ago. It looked AWFUL on me, but looked amazing on a lot of other people on Instagram, which goes to show there’s a different style jumpsuit for everyone. It’s a fab jumpsuit if it suits you….

This is a very chic jumpsuit from Whistles, which works for work or play. Sling on heels to dress up and trainers/sandals to dress down, the wide leg is very flattering. This navy jumpsuit is almost identical to my all-time favourite jumpsuit, just lovely. I also like the look of this one, which is so flattering it should almost be given out free on prescription.

Warehouse are amazing at jumpsuits. This navy one looks simple – it is simple – but it’s also elegant, stylish and yes, cool…(sorry, I know I’ve featured a lot of navy, but it just WORKS). This green crossback jumpsuit (pictured at the top) isn’t navy, but it is utterly ravishing. Hello party!

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