Father’s Day Gift Guide

4a19089351ded19367994cf61452af85I think I’m pretty safe in stating that – of all the things in her little universe – her Daddy rocks Cs world. (Although she did admit today that in toss up between Daddy and Captain Barnacles, she’d opt for the latter. But what man could really compete with a talking polar bear with his own Octopod?) This year, when asked what she’d like to buy Daddy for Father’s Day [If my husband could look away now, that would be most helpful], her answer was unequivocal: “Daddy likes soap, little sticky paper [post-it notes] and food”. So he’s easy. But if you need some last minute inspiration, here’s our at-a-glance last minute guide.

Daddy new?

First-time fathers are ripe for sentiment. When C was teeny tiny, I took a trip with my lovely NCT girls to the Pottery Cafe, where we painted our babies’ feet and stamped them onto mugs. This is a cliche, I know, but when it’s your baby’s footprint, suddenly it’s adorable. (Alex and I went to the Richmond branch when our children were bigger to make Christmas presents – and just missed Angelina Jolie and her brood: the staff were a-flutter because they’d been in the day before.) I appreciate that time is now Of The Essence so how about taking inspiration from this – it would make a lovely card (or buy some proper canvas and you have yourself a present). Alternatively, this instant download would make an adorable card (and is remarkably easy to make at home – would be super sweet if you, like Alex, have three (or more!) sets of handprints to include.

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First Father’s Day print, £24.41, Etsy; DIY Best Dad Typography download, £6.11, Etsy

Daddy cool?

I am yet to meet a daddy who doesn’t love techonology and a touch of retro cool. Roberts Radio is the answer. I love these – and spotted the new-to-me Soverign DAB whilst on a jaunt through John Lewis the other day. Or buy him a cool sweater he can throw on over his jeans. At the weekend. Whilst he takes the kids to the park/swimming/breakfast whilst you have a lie-in. (Did I say that? Not this Sunday, obviously. But maybe next weekend?)


Roberts Soverign DAB/FM radio in Balmoral blue, £199.95, John Lewis; Linen cotton crew neck jumper, £24.99, Gap

Daddy greedy?

If dad has a yen for cheese glorious cheese, two of my favourite London foodie haunts Paxton & Whitfield and La Fromagerie. Were we not on holiday, it is likely C would have headed here (in spirit) to buy her daddy’s present. Check out the gift selections here and here. Or opt for a Father’s Day selection from The Courtyard Dairy.

For those of a sweeter disposition, we’ve had great success with Montezuma’s in the past. They’re doing a special truffle box but the dad in C’s life would probably prefer a jar of giant buttons. (You can also sign up to the chocolate club – for a monthly delivery of sweet treats.) Or you’d be hard pressed to go wrong with anything from Prestat.

If you’re feeling extra creative – I love the idea (and er, the cheapness) of making jam and asking your children to personalise the labels for daddy. Here’s 10 jam recipes to get you started…

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Dark sea salt caramel truffles, £11.50, Prestat; Father’s day cheeses from £26.50, The Courtyard Dairy

Daddy just-wants-some-time-to-read-a-book, for heaven’s sake

I have noted before that, to my regret, there is not a lot of time for reading when you have young children. So if you have a frustrated book-lover, give him a book, an hour or two’s peace and a cup of tea/glass of something stronger – and you have a happy dad.

Given that the World Cup starts this week (apparently), The Numbers Game – dealing with myth-busting football stats – might be a good place to start. Or try Tim Moore’s Gironimo. Or the new Bill Bryson (One Summer: American in 1927); Paxman’s latest (how does he find the time?) Great Britain’s Great War (timely) or Mary Beard’s Confronting the Classics.
Who could resist the simplicity of Nigel Slater’s Eat: The Little Book of Fast Food? And we have Save With Jamie and are looking forward to diving into his recipes. Or how about inviting him to crib from the experts? Where Chefs Eat is an insider’s guide to chefs’ favourite restaurants. Clever stuff

Alternatively, give him Daddy is My Hero and let him do bedtime. Your choice.

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