Get set for the new ‘hygge’. We’re all about Còsagach this year…

Are you done with Hygge? Over Lagom? Totally in need of another lifestyle trend that encourages you to stay at home, get cosy and indulge yourself? Good, because so are we……

Còsagach is an old gaelic word for getting your cosy ON and whilst the cynics among you might be thinking ‘surely it’s just something the Scottish Tourist Board have dreamed up? We say ‘errr well, yes, it is something being bandied about by Visit Scotland, BUT, what’s not to love about a concept that encourages you to enjoy warmth and cosiness, and to unwind and relax?’ In January – and February – (and go on then, March and quite possibly April), it’s so dark, cold and often gloomy outside, that making your home feel like a warm, cosy paradise, is the only sensible solution. In fact, making your home cosy and somewhere you want to spend time is a year-round necessity. To paraphrase that quote that’s been doing the Instagram rounds recently, ‘why the hell would I want to go large, when I can go home?’ Precisely.

And so, we are getting into the spirit of Còsagach by turning our homes into dream spaces and spaces in which to dream. Where we can cosy up under a rug (it’s all about the rug), switch off the overhead lights and switch on lamps, burn a candle and watch a boxset. Or run a bath, read a book and take time out (which means phones off after 8pm). Sound good? We think so. Here’s what we think you need to turn Còsagach from a concept into a reality….

Mood lighting

Nothing can change the atmosphere of a room more than good lighting. Bright overhead lighting is hardly conducive to feeling relaxed, so it’s out with the overheads and in with statement lamps and beautiful candles. Large floor lamps can add an interesting dimension to a room, whereas table lamps are where you can go quirky. A pineapple lamp here, a stag’s head lamp there or perhaps a 50s’ minimalist style lamp will add character and mood lighting. And of course, don’t forget the candles, which are a one way to ticket to relaxation.

Comfy rugs

I am never without a rug or a throw. Even at the height of summer, I like to curl up under a rug on the sofa. It just doesn’t feel right without one. Not only do rugs make you feel warm and cosy and help you relax, the right rug also looks fabulous. These pom pom ones are a case in point. How can you not feel good lying under one of these? They also look pretty fabulous on a bed.

Plump Cushions

There’s nothing Còsagach about a bare sofa. Oh no, you need mountains of cushions to be truly cosy. Play with textures and patterns to add extra interest. Velvet cushions like this one always feel luxurious. And not just on a sofa. On a chair, on a bed, even on the floor – and a quick trend alert! Beanbags are back, and this faux fur one is exactly the type of thing I’d like to be resting my feet on or curled up on if the sofa is taken!

Super-soft towels

Scratchy old towels just aren’t going to cut it if you’re planning to turn your bathroom into a spathroom. Thick, fluffy, super-soft towels are what’s needed for ultimate Còsagachlaxation. I’m a sucker for dark grey ones, which is why I’ve recently snapped these up. Although white towels are very ‘spa hotel’, which is where I’d like to spend every night of January if I could.


Hot Chocolate or Tea

Is there anything as relaxing as a sit down and a nice cup of tea? ( Yes, I am 102..) And, if you, like me, are in the midst of Dry January, then tea is about as wild as it gets after 9pm. A good cup of tea or coffee or hot chocolate deserves a good cup or mug. It really doesn’t feel the same drinking out of an ugly battered mug, so splash out on a few new ones, you’ll really notice the difference.

  1. Puerto table lamp (pineapple), £49.50; 2. Mercury tea light holder, £3; 3. Tassel throw, £39.50; 4. Velvet scatter cushion, £12.50, 5. Patterned cushion, £29.50. 6. Dream Big mug, £4; 7. Pom pom throw, £69; 8. Faux fur beanbag, £150; 9. Faux orchid, £79; 10. Floor lamp, £149

This post was in collaboration with Marks & Spencer, although all thoughts and product choices are our own.

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