Green glorious green


Green as grass midi skirt, £35, Asos


I think my Asos fixation might be getting out of hand. I learnt the secret of successful asos-ing (what? ‘To asos’ – it works as a verb…) courtesy of my boss (this is not, I should add, all I have learnt from her – the woman is a powerhouse). The secret is to check in regularly, scour the ‘what’s new’ page and look out for Asos’s own line, for there you will find items to covet.*

I have just snapped up this little beauty. The shape, the colour (that green with the navy belt…), the texture – they’re all so bang on that I think it might just become my spring wardrobe staple. And it will work brilliantly with a striped top – the litmus test of a good buy. I might even be daring and pair with something like my brighter-than-bright pink J Crew ‘Tippi’ jumper. Too much, you say?

* They also do a nice line in affordable maternity basics. Because, really, what more do you need than jeans, trousers and some pretty floaty tops?

Picture: Asos

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