Have yourself a merry little Christmas

8a625a6ec51750860a69f4835311115dW&W will be taking a little festive break. We have Christmas lunches to cook, over-excited children to entertain, families to visit, presents to wrap and, um, a baby to have. (Note: I am not announcing the second coming.) We will, however be tweeting and posting on Instagram, so do please join us there. There may even be the occasional surprise post.

Just to keep you topped up on W&W, here are few of our favourite posts of the year…

We love our My Uniform/Style File feature. It’s like delving into the wardrobes of the super-stylish and stealing their secrets. We loved the individuality (and dedication to the skirt) displayed by stylist and Vogue contributor, Martha Ward; investment dressing with Matches Editorial and Content Director, Kate Blythe; The Frugality’s Alex Stedman’s  pared-back chic (and her eye for a bargain) and Red magazine’s Fashion and Shopping Editor (and author of one of our favourite style blogs, Wearing it Today) Laura Fantacci’s timeless, want-it-now chic.

We tapped beauty experts for their insider tips. The wonderful Ruby Hammer’s guide to getting ready (but looking gorgeous) in five minutes flat is indispensable reading for, well, pretty much everyy woman. Our favourite My Beauty Uniforms came courtesy of Jo Tutchener-Sharp (founder of Beauty Seen PR) and Beauty Editor and Pregnant Beauty Guide author, Grace Timothy. We also prevailed upon health guru, nutritionist Henrietta Norton to tell us how to boost your immune system. Bookmark it now!

Speaking of pregnancy, we had that covered, too – from how to glow, to what you can really expect when you’re expecting and after after the baby’s arrived). We diced the hot potato that is breastfeeding (and loved your responses. More please.) We also tackled gender disappointment (when the scan says blue but you wanted pink), and the perennially fascinating issue of trying to have it all.

We tackled some of the issues that preoccupy us. Such as, should you change your name? How does friendship work in your thirties? (Including what to do if your friendships run into trouble.) And how to face your fears (and take the leap).

We have children. We love children (most of them). So we talked decorating their bedrooms, planning their parties and our favourite books for little people. And Tamara Heber-Percy, founder of Mr & Mrs Smith gave us her top tips for travelling with children (where to go, what to do, how to cope…). We also had brilliant advice about cooking for your family from Feeding Boys and a Firefighter blogger, Katie Bryson.

(Want more travel tips? Start with Alex’s (former Travel Editor at Brides, no less, and still an authority) top UK destinations.)

We also recommended books: the best new books of the year; our summer reading list (which works any time of the year).

We’re obsessed with homes and gorgeous interiors. We want to live here peeked inside oodles of covetable homes, including an uber stylish London townhouse; a bijou flat with two incredible terraces; a country farmhouse pile; and a to-die-for home in the Swedish countryside.  (And an amazing house you can rent for a holiday.) Plus We love a bit of zhushing our own homes – so we’ve been creating gallery wallsstyling our coffee table and getting o-v-e-r white walls and how to escape the lure of white and bring colour into your home.

Want more to dos for the holiday? Try writing a novel, or baking delicious healthy cakes.

And then come back for more in the new year!

Happy Christmas! May your days be merry, bright and peaceful.

With love from,
Natasha & Alex


Image: Pink Peonies, Decor8

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