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108You’ve probably read a lot about juicing recently. It being the New Year! New You! New Diet! season and all that. But, to paraphrase that famous saying, juicing is for life, not just for post-Christmas detoxes. In fact, juicing needn’t be part of some all or nothing fasting cleanse (although, actually, when I’m out of the new baby, give-me-carbs-now phase, I’ll be all over that). It can be a brilliant way to give your body an instant health boost and maybe inspire you to get your arse in gear and start juicing yourself (although let’s just ignore my recent attempt at making a kale, blueberry and almond smoothie, which can only be described as interesting at best….)

My own little power juice experience came courtesy of Radiance Cleanse, a brilliant company specialising in supercharged juices. As well as their cleanses (ranging from 3-5 days), Radiance also offers special gift boxes containing six organic, raw and cold-pressed juices, which you can order for a friend (they would love you) – or indeed yourself. Having heard that I’d just had a baby, Radiance sent me their New Mummy Box, curated by My Baba founder, Leonora Bamford and designed to give new mothers a nourishing energy boost. Now, obviously you’ll be thinking it was a gift! She’s obliged to write a good review! But, quite frankly, I’m not like that. If the juices had tasted foul, I would’ve said, ‘thank you very much, but I can’t write about them’. But, they were in fact delicious – the Super Green, containing apples, celery, broccoli, lemons, kale and parsley – particularly so (I know, seeing all those ingredients written down together, I can hardly believe it either). Perhaps more importantly, drinking them made me feel healthier, more nourished and more able to cope with another night of broken sleep than I had done before.

It took me three days to finish the box (I drank two juices a day) and I practically wept as I threw the last beautifully designed bottle in the bin. I’d experienced a tantalising flash of what it’d be like to be Gwyneth with her super-healthy lifestyle, super-hot bod and super-duper Goop-y world – and knock me down with a wheat-free, gluten-free cookbook, I liked it. So there you are. A juice box may not exactly turn you into Gwyneth (you’ll need Tracy Anderson and Harvey Weinstein on speed dial to do that), but it will give you a nutrient-packed boost that will make you feel (if just for a day or two) as healthy as Hollywood’s most famous clean-living queen. And really, in a wet week in February, who wouldn’t want to feel like that?

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