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A quick post today as the water has been off all morning and has JUST COME ON! But before my much-needed shower, here’s a lowdown on M&S’s home sale. Home sales are great for everyone, not just people looking for furniture and ‘bigger’ items. This is the time to stock up on towels, tea towels, linen – all the bits that show wear and tear over the year. I’m not going to lie and say that M&S have a great homes sale this year – they don’t – there doesn’t seem to be any big bits of furniture or much that you can save a lot on, BUT there are lots of those necessities (as mentioned above). So if you are doing a bit of life admin, then here’s what could be worth snapping up….

Tea Towels

No, not the most glamorous item in your shopping basket, but an essential. This pineapple print one (very on trend) is £3. Even better is this set of 3 for £7.50. For 3! Do you ‘need’ a trinket box? Probably not. But, this set of 3 is rather lovely – and would make a good present if you don’t want them yourself. £9.

I have (and love) this cushion. It looks fab on my navy sofa, although would look equally good on other colours. £14. I also have this zebra print cushion, also on the aforementioned sofa. I think it looks great. £14.

There are also duvets, pillows and plain duvet covers worth snapping up. This is obviously a personal decision – one person’s perfect tog is another’s sweaty night’s sleep – but here they are just in case you are on the look out….

Told you, it’s not the biggest and best sale on the market!

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