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Listen up Wear & Wherers! Not only do La Redoute currently have a sale – THEY HAVE A SALE ON THEIR SALE!! Yes, you read that right. There’s an extra flash 30% discount off everything (including sale items) which runs out at midnight on Tuesday 11th July. It’s time to get shopping!!

First up: to get the the extra 30% off don’t forget to use the code SAVE30 at checkout. Remember this at all costs! Secondly: here’s the goods…


Bedding and Cushions

Bedding is an excellent sale buy. I’m always in need of a new duvet cover or pillowcase (no idea what I do with them). I like the look of this duvet cover (above), which is simple, yet with delicate detailing to elevate the design. This one is same same, but different. I also rather like these pom pom trim pillowcases (what a surprise!) Palm print is in, so this cushion is spot on. Looks a good size too. Or, if you like the ethnic look, then this is what you need.

Children’s Bedding

This cloud pattern pillowcase is super-cute and at £5.30 (pre-extra 30% discount) is SO CHEAP! Use it as a cushion or team it with the matching duvet cover, which isn’t on sale, but does have the flash 30% discount off, so sort of is. Love hot air balloons? Then this duvet cover will appeal. Bunting can look super sweet in a nursery, this one is on sale.


Heading to the beach this summer? This beach towel is a no brainer.

Of course, with this 30% discount, everything is basically on sale, so I’ve included a few little items that aren’t on general sale (it’s getting confusing now) that I think would be a great buy below…

Remember this rug? Well, it’s back! Am very tempted to buy another one! I also really like this. Although, if you prefer kilim style rugs, then go for this. And this little rug would be perfect for a nursery.

La Redoute have a LOT of baskets. If I were to choose two, then I’d go for these lidded rattan baskets, which would make great laundry baskets. Or, who wouldn’t love a pom pom storage basket? I also like their storage trunks, this yellow pineapple one would look great in a child’s room. This desk is also great for a child’s room – I bought and assembled (total unstealth boast there!) it for my eldest two’s bedroom. There are actually a lot of great desks at La Redoute, so if you’re on the hunt I can recommend it.

Good luck bargain hunting!

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